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Motor Vehicles
Purpose   The safety of University students, faculty, staff, and the public is a central concern of Miami University. The operations of Miami University necessarily involve some faculty, staff, students, and volunteers operating vehicles and other motorized equipment. This creates the potential for accidents that may result in injuries,
Scope Faculty, staff, and students Purpose The purpose of this policy is: To describe the circumstances under which gifts may be purchased using University funds; To identify the form such gifts can/cannot take; and To set up tax withholding or reporting requirements related to giving such gifts where required by law. Definitions Gift- The vol
Gift Cards
Independent Contractor
Who is Covered by this Policy? All University staff, faculty, and student organizations. Scope and Purpose This policy applies to all who seek to engage the personal services of an individual person (not a corporation or LLC) who is not an employee of the University.  These individuals must qualify to serve as independent contractors under Un
This policy governs the external support of University groups and activities through financial and in-kind donations (Sponsorships.) 
This policy governs the requirements for hosting. The University will reimburse or pay hosting expenses only if the expense is incurred as part of ordinary and necessary University business, the expenditure is not lavish or extravagant, and substantial business discussion occurs during, directly before, during or directly after the meal or event.
This policy limits access to University properties to authorized personnel; requires a current inventory of keys issued to authorized personnel; and requires that keys be returned from those who are no longer authorized to have them.
Mail Services
This policy governs the use of Campus Mail Services. Personal mail or other mail not originating from University departments or organizations, is not authorized in campus mail.
Procurement and Purchasing
This policy governs the process for procuring and purchasing goods and services for the University.
Records Retention, Electronic Records, and Signatures
This policy governs the Records Management Program for the purpose of ensuring proper scheduling, storage, and disposal of University records. Records include any information stored on a fixed medium prepared or received in the normal course of business (paper, image, or digital) that documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the University.
This policy governs travel for University business. Miami University reimburses or pays travel expenses only if the purpose of the travel is: representation of the University on official University business; research investigation; attendance at meetings of professional societies or organizations; or teaching and training activities of the University.
Weather and Other Emergency Closing Procedures
This policy governs weather and other emergency closing procedures.