Reporting and Support Resources

In an emergency, call 911 for assistance.

Miami University - Oxford Campus and City of Oxford

Miami University Police, 513-529-2222

Office of Community Standards, 011 Warfield Hall, 513-529-1417

Office of the Dean of Students, 108 Warfield Hall, 513-529-1877

Office of Equity & Equal Opportunity, Hanna House (East Spring St), 513-529-7157

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program, 104 Warfield Hall, 513-529-1870

Oxford Police Department, 11 S. Poplar St, Oxford, 911 or 513-523-4321

Miami University - Hamilton Campus and City of Hamilton

Office of the Dean, 202 Mosler Hall, 513-785-3000

Resource Liaison for Student Sexual & Interpersonal Violence, 130 Rentschler Hall 513-785-3211

City of Hamilton Police Department, South Front St, Hamilton, OH 513-868-5811

Miami University - Middletown Campus and City of Middletown

Office of the Dean, 135 Johnston Hall, 513-727-3200

Resource Liaison for Student Sexual & Interpersonal Violence, 14 Johnston Hall, 513-727-3431

City of Middletown Police Department, 1 Donham Plaza, Middletown, OH, 513-523-4321

Confidential Resources

Dove House, YWCA Hamilton 244 Dayton St, Hamilton, OH 45011, 1-800-618-6523

Women Helping Women, 215 and 217 Warfield Hall, Oxford, OH 45056. Text or call advocates at 513-431-1111 and 513-846-8402.

Oxford Campus and Area

Student Counseling Service, 195 Health Services Center, 513-529-4634

Student Health Services, Health Services Center, 513-529-3000

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital110 N. Poplar St, Oxford, OH, 45056 513-523-2111

Hamilton Campus and Area

Student Counseling Services- Hamilton130 Rentschler Hall, 513-785-3211

Fort Hamilton Hospital, 630 Eaton Ave Hamilton, OH 45013, 513-867-2000

Women Helping Women, 6. S Second Street, Suite 828, Hamilton, OH 45011, 513-381-5610

Middletown Campus and Area

Student Counseling Services- Middletown, 1 Johnston Hall, 513-727-3308

Atrium Medical Center 1 Medical Center Dr, Middletown, OH, 45005 513-424-2111

HAWKS Peer Health Educators

Our mission is to actively engage students to consider important issues related to their health and wellness by presenting factual, relevant information that encourages them to reflect on their lifestyle and to help them make free and healthy choices.

For more information or to join, connect with the HAWKS Peer Health Educators on The Hub.

PAVES logo

PAVES is an organization with the goal to promote awareness and prevention to the Miami community regarding sexual and interpersonal violence. That goal is accomplished through large and small campus events and partnering with on and off campus allies.

We strive to challenge the Miami community to consider the effects of sexual and interpersonal violence on both an individual level and our community. In working towards that end, PAVES is concerned with promoting gender equality, autonomy, integrity, and an awareness of cultural bias that perpetrate the acceptance of these crimes. PAVES recognizes that It's On Us, all of us, to end sexual and interpersonal violence.

For more information or to join PAVES, connect with PAVES on The Hub.

Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault

Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault (MARS) is an organization devoted to educating our male peers on the realities of sexual assault.

For more information or to join, connect with MARS on The Hub.