Research Opportunities: Video Transcript

Gage Huey [Anthropology major]: Throughout your major, you'll get a number of experiences to work with professors, to go places, and to do research. Take every opportunity you can.

Blake Burrell [Anthropology and Psychology double major]: Miami University has one of the best undergraduate research opportunities, I think, anywhere.

Maegan Murphy [Microbiology and Biochemistry double major]: I have been involved in Dr. Wilson's immunology research lab since the beginning of my sophomore year at Miami.

Brianna Smith [Psychology and Social Work double major]: I started working in a social-psychology research lab my sophomore year.

Mitchell Singstock [Anthropology major and Premedical Studies co-major]: I started with the First-Year Research Experience (FYRE) program and started doing research in the neuroscience lab day one of my freshman year.

Aristotle Kayafas [Biology major]: Joining a research lab has really given me a lot of useful skills that I can use in the future.

Danielle Lott [Psychology major]: Learning to relate with other people, listening skills, communication skills, knowing how to do data analysis and doing a lot of research experiences with faculty.

Claire Vaughn [Anthropology major]: I've learned to come up for an idea for research, do some background literature review on research.

Emmanuel Ogundipe [Environmental Science graduate student]: I've learned how to solve a problem, which I believe will make me relevant in any field or any occupation that I find myself in the future.

Natalie Pettit [Anthropology and Comparative Religion double major]: I have learned technical sides of research that I wouldn't have the opportunity to do outside of the university setting.

[Psychology and Philosophy double major]: Doing research in different labs, I always wanted to find a way where those results could be directly applicable to the outside world.

Ifey Okafor [Biochemistry major]: You might not always get the answer that you want, but the results you get are still results you can still learn from them.

Maegan Murphy: Not many people have the opportunity to say that they're the first ones to know something.

Claire Vaughn: It just takes a curious student.

Blake Burrell: To really know what it means to be in that discipline completely changes the trajectory of my professional career.

Ifey Okafor: It's always about pushing forward and just thinking about things in different ways.

[November 2019]