Center for Psychological Inquiry

What is the CPI?

The Center for Psychological Inquiry (CPI) is a resource for psychology students to facilitate their learning and engagement in psychology. The CPI provides students with resources to assist them in their coursework, learn about opportunities in the department as well as direct students to appropriate resources for exploring career opportunities that await psychology majors, including applying to graduate school. In general, the CPI is intended to provide students with an opportunity to develop a sense of community within the psychology department.

What resources are available in the CPI?

In the CPI, there are a large number of available resources, serving various functions. First, the CPI can be used as a quiet study space for students to work on assignment or to use computers, which are equipped with SPSS software. Additionally, the CPI has many textbooks available for reference for most areas of psychology. Other resources include: 6th Edition APA manual, graduate school prep/ information books, the DSM-5, internship opportunities, research assistant opportunities, faculty research profiles, and more.

What kinds of services can the CPI and CPI associates provide?

In general, CPI associates and PSY 293/4 Student Ambassadors can tutor, refer, and advise their peers. Associates tutor one-on-one or in small groups and can assist with a wide range of psychology courses including research and methods courses (PSY 293 & 294). Associates can provide feedback on manuscripts, essays, and homework assignments. Associates will refer students to the appropriate faculty and campus resources such as Career Services or the Office of Undergraduate Research Opportunities. Additionally, associates can help students find information on Miami Plan and psychology major requirements, internships, and the graduate school application process.

How do I apply to work for CPI?

The opportunity to work as a Center Associate is a unique opportunity for a select few psychology students. Associates must have a strong foundation in the study of psychology as a science.Typically, this means demonstrated knowledge in Statistics, Research Methods, and/or breadth requirements. Applications are usually available at the end of each semester. Associates are expected to be present in the Center for 3-6 hours per week, will attend weekly meetings overseen by the graduate coordinator and faculty director, and complete small assignments according to their committee. Associates will begin working for 1-2 independent study credits as compensation for scheduled work and have the opportunity to earn student wages in the future. Students who are interested in applying can email Christina Fitzpatrick (