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Faculty Research Interests

CPB faculty are active in a variety of research areas. You are welcome to contact them directly to explore these or other topics further.

Biochemical and Biomolecular Applications

  • Berberich (biocatalysis, protein engineering, green chemistry and engineering)
  • Boock (synthetic biology, protein engineering, applied microbiology)
  • Jones (metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, psychedelic medicine)

Biomedical Applications

  • Kerr (nanoparticles, polymers for biomedical applications)
  • Saul (biomaterials for drug delivery, biomedical applications)
  • Sparks (biomaterials, 3D printed materials for biomedical applications)
  • Wang (biomedical optical imaging and sensing, smart surgical laser, clinical translational research for optical diagnosing)
  • Yousefi (biomaterials, scaffolds for tissue engineering)
  • Zhou (atrial/ventricular mapping, clinical translation/machine learning in cardiac electrophysiology)

Paper Science and Engineering

  • Coffin (mechanics of cellulose materials, papermaking and converting)
  • Keller (structure of cellulosic materials, paper chemistry, papermaking)

Energy and Environmental Applications

  • Almquist (metal oxides, nanoparticles for catalysis, adsorption)
  • Berberich (biosensors, bioremediation)
  • Dewan (biological media for fuel cells)
  • Hohn (heterogeneous catalysis, conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals, natural gas chemistry)
  • Kerr (metal oxides, nanostructures for solar energy)
  • Lalvani (bimetallic nanoparticles for environmental applications)

Modeling and Simulation

  • Coffin (force distribution, creep, deformation in paper, paperboard)
  • Lalvani (transport, kinetic modeling in electrochemical and coal-fired power processes)
  • Paluch (thermodynamics modeling, phase separations)
  • Sparks (solid mechanics, interstitial flow in scaffolds and biological materials)
  • Yousefi (topology optimization, computational fluid dynamics)

Chemical Engineering Applications

Undergraduate Research

Our undergraduate students have the opportunity to conduct leading edge research in the fields of chemical and bioengineering. Topics that our students have recently worked on include:

Recent Projects

  • Development of a water purification systems for under-developed societies
  • Fabrication of synthetic materials that mimic biological tissues
  • Effects of mechanical, chemical, and biological stresses on various types of cells
  • 3D printing of structures for bio-related research

Department of Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering

Engineering Building 64
650 E. High Street
Oxford, OH 45056