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MBA Microcredential

Coupled with your technical degree, The Farmer School of Business MBA microcredential program jump starts your career and prepares you for making a difference in the fast-paced, interconnected business world and adapting quickly to whatever the 21st century business landscape demands. Miami’s Farmer School of Business MBA program incorporated research identifying the most important skills needed by today's leading global employers and those most requested by potential students to evolve its program. Earn credentials towards the Miami MBA program!

Microcredential Breakdown

12 Months

Program Duration


Credit Hours

Apply By

Aug. 1, Jan. 1, or April 1


Program Delivery

How Does it Work?

Offered fully online, Miami’s MBA Microcredential is a flexible three-course program you can complete alongside your undergraduate degree and earn a badge. You will choose 3 of the 6 courses listed below. Once you have completed 3 courses as an undergraduate you will receive your badge. If you decide to continue your business education once in the workforce, your coursework can count toward your MBA.  

Note, if you want to take FIN665 you must take FIN625 first.


How Do I Apply?

Applying is easy. If you have Junior or Senior standing, have taken your major math requirements, and a GPA of 3.00 or greater as a Miami University undergraduate student, you may request permission to enroll in 500 or 600-level graduate courses.

  1. Schedule an advising session, or contact, 513-895-8876. 
  2. Once you have spoken with an advisor, submit a “Permission for Undergraduate Students to Enroll in Graduate Courses” form.

Make an investment in your career with an MBA Microcredential from Miami University!

How Do I Continue Post Graduation?

Once you are admitted and enrolled within 5 years of taking the micro-credential classes and earned a “B” or above you can transfer up to 12 credit hours towards the required 36 credit hours for the MBA program. One year of industry experience post-undergrad before resuming is preferred.

How do I resume my MBA after entering the workforce?

Submit an Application along with the following:
  • Resume
  • List Recommender
  • Undergraduate transcripts

Skill-Based Courses Designed to Jump Start Your Career

Learn how to see the bigger picture, predict financial consequences, and justify cost of initiatives in any organization while building your career prospects. Key differentiator for those earning a technical undergraduate degree as you begin your career. Choose 3 courses (each course is 3 credit hours).

ACC 611 Accounting for Managers | Financial Acumen, Problem Solving | Fall

This course explores how accounting information is used by managers to make internal business decisions, to create financial plans, and to evaluate actual performance relative to those plans. It also explores how managers analyze financial statements for internal management purposes.

BUS 645 Business Analytics | Financial Acumen, Problem Solving | Fall, Summer

The examination of competitive forces in the marketplace and how they can be managed to deliver winning business outcomes.  A holistic view of the various strategic drivers, both internal and external to a firm, will be taken in an examination of strategy development, deployment, and execution.

BUS 647 Risk Management | Financial Acumen | Fall, Spring

Marketing decisions have always been rooted in data. However, over the past decade, more and more data has become available to marketers. This course details the analysis measures and methods used by leading marketers to make more precise marketing decisions in the 21st century.

FIN 625 Managerial Finance | Financial Acumen, Problem Solving | Spring

The field of finance is very broad, covering investment concepts, corporate financial policy, security markets, banking (and other intermediaries), the role of government and the international sector, real estate and personal finance.  Together these components make up the “financial system” and in this course, we examine a few parts of the financial system.  This will be taught as a “skills” course most of which is likely to be used by a non-finance corporate manager or a reasonably sophisticated individual investor.  Specifically, we will look at financial statements, time value of money, financial risk, cost of capital, project financial evaluation, and capital budgeting.

FIN/BUS 665 Mergers and Acquisitions | Financial Acumen | Summer

Mergers and acquisitions are typically large and risky investment decisions that confront many financial managers. This course provides an in-depth examination of the complexities encountered in corporate restructuring, with a primary focus on corporate change of control. Topics covered include the M&A process, participants, due diligence, deal structuring, financing, and integration. Additional restructuring events covered include spinoffs, carveouts, business alliances, and bankruptcy.

*Prerequisite FIN 625

MGT 627 Supply Chain and Operations Management | Problem Solving | Summer

Broad study of production system that is part of all manufacturing and service organizations. Examines, in a variety of organizational settings, the process design, facilities deployment, materials management, quality control problems, and supply chain management.

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