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Each year, students and faculty of Miami's College of Engineering and Computing pursue research projects on the cutting edge of technology. We are dedicated to providing a superb environment for exploration and study, including state-of-the-art facilities and equipment so that our researchers can innovate in ways that will change the world for the better.

Undergraduate Research

Engage in meaningful research and scholarship from the moment you enroll as an undergraduate student in CEC. Participating in research at the undergraduate level offers you numerous benefits: It puts you in close proximity with professionals in your field of study, forming strong relationships and building your network; it allows you to put classroom knowledge to practical use; it earns you class credits; and it may lead to public recognition of work.

Conducting research can help you do the following:

  • Work with professionals in your field of study
  • Form relationships with people through the research process
  • Take classroom knowledge and put it to practical use
  • Get class credits outside of class
  • Gain public recognition for your work

Research Clusters

Discover your best fit with one of our research clusters:

  • Advanced Communications and Networks
  • AI & High Performance Computing
  • Assistive & Sustainable Technology
  • Biomedical Engineering & Technology
  • Engineered Materials
  • Robotics, Automation & Manufacturing
biomedical engineering

Graduate Research

Work alongside faculty conducting engineering and computing research, the results of which may significantly impact aerospace, pharmaceuticals, transportation, sustainable energy, and the daily lives of people worldwide. Current projects taking place at CEC include Finger Print Enhancement Algorithms, Artificial Potential Field Redirected Walking, and Photo Catalytic Oxidation of Fuel Vapors.

Chemical, Paper & Biomedical Engineering

Some current graduate research projects include:

  • CO2 reforming of methane.
  • Photocatalytic oxidation of fuel vapors.
  • Hierarchical Composite Constructs as Tissue Engineering Scaffolds.s

Computer Science & Software Engineering

Some current graduate research projects include:

  • Enhanced Immersive Virtual Environment Reorientation: Intelligent Imperceptible Alignment.
  • Real-Time Prediction of Virtual Environment Motion Sickness Using Postural Sway.
  • Miami Illinois Language User Extensible Dictionary.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Some current graduate research projects include:
  • Reconfigurable RF Systems.
  • Software-defined multi-functional LPI/LPD adaptive radar for network-centric applications.
  • Automatic Modulation Classification Systems.

Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

Some current graduate research projects include:

  • Optimization of Control Surface Parameters Towards Active Aeroservoelastic Control Using the Method of Receptances.
  • Reduction of Vibration by Oscillating Boundaries and its Application in Rotordynamics.
  • Structural Response of Conical Structures due to Combined Thermal and Structural Loading using Reduced Order Modeling. 

Department Research

The College of Engineering and Computing is dedicated to supporting faculty and student research.  Our faculty conducts outstanding research in a variety of engineering and computing disciplines. As a result, undergraduate and graduate students alike have numerous research opportunities. 

The College of Engineering and Computing