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Elevate your chosen field of study

Miami PRIME will allow you to combine that passion with a powerful, and practical skillset for understanding the business aspects of whatever career you choose. During the program, you will be introduced to the major business functions, improve your networking skills, and see it all tied together while working for an actual corporate client.

Progress towards a General Business Minor

Miami PRIME consists of three interconnected courses: BUS 301, BUS 302, BUS 303. These courses fulfills half of the required credits for a General Business Minor.

Pathway into Masters of Accountancy (MAcc)

Students can pair Miami PRIME with an Accountancy Minor to be eligible to apply to Miami’s Masters of Accountancy program.

When is Miami PRIME 2023?

Miami PRIME 2023 will take place from May 22 through June 16. Applications are being accepted now.

Your Gift Makes A Difference!

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For information regarding the program:

Dr. Jonathan Grenier, Director of Miami PRIME

Dr. Justin McGlothin, Assistant Director of Miami PRIME

Farmer School of Business

800 East High Street
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