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Focus Areas, Co-Curriculars, and Initiatives

The Department of Entrepreneurship is a distinctive, internationally-recognized program emphasizing undergraduate teaching excellence and immersive, real-world, hands-on learning opportunities in the areas of social, startup, and corporate entrepreneurship. Focus areas include several types of entrepreneurship: startup, social, and corporate. It also encourages women in entrepreneurship, creativity, and study away and abroad opportunities.

Focus Areas and Co-Curriculars

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporate entrepreneurship, also known as “corporate venturing” or “intrapreneurship,” is the act of initiating new ventures within an already-established business or organization.


Creativity and Innovation in the Department of Entrepreneurship gives students the mindsets and tools to dive deeply into problems to discover bigger and better ideas.

Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing

Miami University's Center for Social Entrepreneurship creates hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for undergraduates and strives to give students the tools they need to leave their mark on the world.


Advancing Women in Entrepreneurship

Advancing Women in Entrepreneurship - AWE - is about building a legacy of affirming and equipping future female founders to succeed in entrepreneurial environments.

World Creativity and Innovation Week/Day

World Creativity and Innovation Day was founded in 2002 by creativity specialist Marci to provide time and a reason for people to use creativity in problem-solving to generate new ideas and use imagination to take positive action in the world.


The RedHawk50 program recognizes the 50 fastest-growing Miami RedHawk-owned or Miami RedHawk-led businesses in the world annually and provides a forum to recognize, celebrate, and honor the Miamians who have led them.

RedHawk Ventures

The New Venture capstone takes a practice-based, immersive approach, providing undergraduates with “hands-on” experience at starting a company.

Social Impact Fund

Established at Miami University in 2018 and led by the Department of Entrepreneurship’s Center for Social Entrepreneurship, the Social Impact Fund is one of the only undergraduate-led funds of its kind in the nation.

Study Abroad and Away

The joint Accountancy and Entrepreneurship winter term study abroad program allows students to apply their knowledge of both performance measurement and social entrepreneurship to a consulting-like project in a developing country, and in the process, assist local entrepreneurs and their customers.

Students participating in this social venture gain first-hand experience in not only the needs and challenges of businesses in developing countries, but also a deep appreciation for the host country’s culture, history, economy, and politics.

Department of Entrepreneurship

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