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Chicago Finance Week and Wall Street Week

Finance students have two outstanding opportunities to network, learn and build their resumes each year through the Chicago Finance Week and Wall Street Week experiential learning programs. These programs give students access to the fastest rising and most influential speakers and ideas in the financial world.

A select group of finance students travel to the windy city each August for Chicago Finance Week. Students are exposed to the best ideas in the Chicago financial environment during presentations and discussions. Executives and Miami alumni from leading firms like Bank of America, Allstate, William Blair, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse interact on a personal level with students.

The Wall Street Week program takes place each January and reveals the inner workings of New York City’s financial district to our students. Students gain a comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of U.S. financial decision-making. About 25 students attend each year—most of them finance majors.

Contact: Andrea Tucker,

Investment Banking Competition

The Department of Finance offers the Investment Banking Case Competition, sponsored by William Blair & Company. This competition showcases teams of students who have an interest in investment banking, private equity, commercial banking, corporate finance, venture capital, and consulting careers. It is an excellent opportunity to develop and highlight students’ business and presentation skills. 

This case competition is open to all undergraduate students at Miami University regardless of major or division. Members of the highest-ranked teams will also be given priority consideration in the Mergers and Acquisitions course offered in the spring.

Miami University - Cleveland Research Company Stock Pitch Competition

The competition provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate knowledge of the financial markets and to pitch an investment idea to industry professionals. Teams of 2–4 students put together stock pitch presentations; finalists from Miami and other universities present their ideas to the Cleveland Research Company. The finals are held in person at the Farmer School of Business and consist of a ten-minute presentation, followed by a ten-minute Q&A session. Presentations are judged on the quality of the investment pick and rationale, the quality of the presentation, and the ability to field questions.

Contact: Dr. Tom Boulton,

Student Managed Investment Fund

The Student Managed Investment Fund currently assists in the management of a significant amount of Miami University’s endowment fund. This course is an experiential learning opportunity that takes concepts learned earlier through the various courses at Miami University and applies them to current market scenarios. The Student Managed Investment Fund provides experience in running an investment business where students perform administrative tasks and participate in managing a real-dollar portfolio. Through sector and industry research, analysts make investments in stocks, ETFs, and options. For more information about the student-run investment fund, please contact Dr. Salem.

Conact: Dr. Xi Liu,

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