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Student Organization Accounts

Financial Account Request

Student organizations who need a Miami University account must complete the index/account form through General Accounting. Please allow 5-7 work days for an account to be set up.

Types of Accounts

There are three types of accounts/indexes a student organization can have.

Agency (9###)

This index holds your organization's money that was gained through fundraising or dues. Money has to be spent in accordance with the goals and mission of the particular student organization.

ASG (SD9###)

This index holds funds awarded by the Associated Student Government (ASG). This money can only be used on purchases outlined in your funding proposal and must follow all ASG guidelines.

University (UD9###)

This index holds funds designated to your organization by the University. UD indexes are given to organizations that are affiliated with a department on campus, or regional organizations.

Financial Services for On-Campus Events

Organization index codes can be used to process charges for on-campus services including the following:

  • Armstrong Student Center
  • Marcum Conference Center
  • Shriver Center
  • Physical Facilities Department: Sign Shop, Service Requests, Trucking
  • Mail Services

Student Activities

2026 Armstrong Student Center
550 E. Spring St.
Oxford, OH 45056