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Crisis Management Plan

In addition to protecting students, faculty, and staff, Miami University has adopted a plan to continue business in the event of a disaster. From feeding and housing students and preserving academic functions, to communicating and issuing regular paychecks, numerous steps have been taken to restore university functions as soon as possible following a significant disruption. For more information, see University Response.

Crisis Management Team

Miami's Crisis Management Team is prepared to respond to crises that could seriously affect the safety of the Miami community and the university's ability to carry on normal operations. Such crises include (but are not limited to) fires, damaging weather events, large-scale chemical emergencies and shootings. The CMT oversees the Continuous Operations Plan.


Emergency Text Messages

In the event of severe weather or other large-scale emergency, Miami will use its Emergency Notification System to communicate emergency information. Register to receive emergency notifications from Miami and from Butler County.