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Manage Your Financial Aid

Once financial aid is offered, you may have to take steps to finalize it. Verification is a common review that, if selected, must be completed in order to finalize aid. There are also other instances that could impact a student’s eligibility for aid, including changes in their financial circumstances. Below you will find information you need to manage your aid.

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Finalize Your Aid

When you receive your financial offer, review it carefully. There could be several steps that need to be completed to ensure that your aid will pay towards your bill before the start of each semester. 

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Federal Verification

Federal Verification is a review process in which Miami must verify the accuracy of the information provided on a student’s FAFSA. Students that are selected for the Verification process should complete the required forms as early as possible so that they are aware of any increases, decreases, or cancellations in aid before their bill is due.  

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Forms: Information and Login

There are two types of forms: those that are required to finalize your financial aid and student-initiated forms, such as appeals. On this page you will also find links to the student and parent financial aid dashboard where forms can be completed.

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A disbursement is the payment of federal student aid funds to the student by the school. Students generally receive their federal student aid in two or more disbursements. Aid disbursement may be placed on hold for a variety of reasons. Make sure to complete any unsatisfied requirements and holds as soon as possible.

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Impact of Enrollment Change or Withdrawal on Financial Aid

Financial aid offers are based on full-time attendance for the fall and spring semesters. Before dropping a class bringing you down to less than full-time enrollment, or deciding to withdraw from all classes, it is important to know how it will affect your aid.

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Some students may find themselves in situations outside of the normal financial aid process. Appeals are available to assist, where the aid program allows. Each appeal is reviewed on a case-by-case basis on the merits of that appeal, available funding, and within the confines of regulations and comparative situations to ensure fairness and equity.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Students receiving federal financial aid are expected to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward completing their degree. Learn more about Miami’s SAP Standards and how to remain eligible for federal aid.

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Financial Aid Adjustments

A student’s financial aid offer may change based on, but not limited to, enrollment changes (add/drop classes), additional sources of financial aid, residency or campus changes, FAFSA adjustments, verification process, or housing plan changes.

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Funding Opportunities

You have a lot of options when it comes to finding financial aid to pay for college. Explore additional aid opportunities, including grants, scholarships, and other funding options such as loans, saving plans, student employment, and payment plans. 

Your Financial Aid Offer

After applying for financial aid, you will receive an email with a link to your financial aid offer. Your financial aid offer may be a combination of grants, scholarships, and other funding options such as loans and federal work-study funds.

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