At some point in time, many students will have a need to seek additional support for academic and/or personal matters. Below you will find some commonly asked about areas of support, along with links to additional detailed information. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact the Dean of Students office at 513-529-1877.

Absence from Class

There are no University-recognized excused absences except for religious observances that require absence from a class session and other required class activities. Students must give written notification to their instructor within the first two weeks of class of the religious event that prohibits class attendance and the date that will be missed, if officially known. Instructors will, without prejudice, provide such students with reasonable accommodations for completing missed work. However, students are ultimately responsible for material covered in class, regardless of whether the student is absent or present.

Death in Family

If you have a death in the immediate family or experience an emergency hospitalization, contact the Office of the Dean of Students (Oxford Campus: 513-529-1877 or or the Regional campus student services. Our offices provide support and will notify faculty and staff in situations involving a death of an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, or sibling) or an emergency hospitalization of a student.

Sexual Misconduct or Assault

Miami University's office of the dean of students serves as the primary place of support for students who experience sexual misconduct or assault. You can expect us to:  1) provide connections to medical and mental health treatment, 2) help you report the offense to the police and inform you of how to pursue disciplinary action, 3) assist you with accessing academic support services, and 4) support you with emotional health and other needs.

Visit the Campus Safety website for a full description of support services and the sexual assault protocol.

Withdrawal and Medical Withdrawal

Withdrawal from Miami

Oxford students who have a non-medical need to leave the University prior to the end of a semester or who plan not to return for a future semester should follow the withdrawal process outlined on the One Stop website.

Medical Medical Withdrawal (MW)

A student may request a Medical Withdrawal from Miami University for physical health or psychological reasons if during the course of an academic term (Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer) he or she suffers from a condition that prevents him/her from meeting the expectations of a student (e.g. unable to attend classes, unable to complete academic responsibilities, etc.) for an extended period of time during that term.

Learn more about the MW guidelines and process and to access the form to apply.