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Department of Art

Special Admission Requirements

The admission process for art education, studio art, and the pre-major in graphic design within the Department of Art includes submission of a portfolio of digital images of recent work for review by the art faculty.

Portfolio requirements and format

The portfolio should consist of 12 to 15 images of works which best document the depth and breadth of your experience and potential in art. Your portfolio should be submitted on a CD with your digital images as jpegs (preferably at 72 DPI, with the pixel dimension to be approximately 600 pixels in the longest direction, 24 bit "millions" color resolution). Include a media listing of the images in jpeg format as well. Because of version issues, Powerpoint format will not be accepted. The Department of Art reserves the right to see actual work if artistic integrity is questioned for any reason.

The following is considered during the portfolio review:

  • Presentation: concern for the care taken in preparing, submitting, and documenting work.
  • Creativity: demonstration of original thinking and imagination; examples that indicate the development of personal expression.
  • Design and composition: consideration for the arrangement of visual elements within the parameters of space or form.
  • Self-motivation: art work done outside of the school setting which reflects the applicant's interest and enthusiasm for the visual arts (e.g. sketchbook, drawings or paintings done at home).
  • Exploration of media: concern for a flexible use of a range of materials.
  • Technical proficiency: concern for the manner and skill with which tools and materials have been used to create art work.
  • Drawing ability: subjects drawn from life (not photographs): still life, portraiture, landscape, anatomy, facility in both color and black and white media, line and full light and shade, controlled abstraction and realistic imagery.
  • Color: facility with wet media: ink, watercolor, oil, tempera, acrylic; facility with dry media: pastels. crayons. colored pencils, markers; varied applications including colored papers and collage, fibers, metals and ceramics.
  • Proficiency in at least one visual arts medium: concern for, or ability to work well in, one visual arts area or medium.

Special note for prospective graphic design majors:

In addition to the entrance portfolio review required by the Department of Art, a graphic design portfolio review is required mid-spring semester during the first-year following ART111: Visual Fundamentals and ART121: Drawing 1, and concurrent with ART171: Visual Fundamentals: 3-D and ART122: Drawing 2. Students wishing to apply for the major must also take ART151: Introduction to Design during either the first or second semesters.

Employing an interview format, the review will assess the quality of work produced in the first two semesters, academic performance (overall GPA and GPA in major), and personal commitment and attitude. A limited number of students are admitted each year (approximately fifteen to twenty). Students' work may also be reviewed at the close of the second-year. Regardless of grades, a student may be denied further registration in the graphic design program if the faculty conclude this is in the student's best interest. If students have any questions specific to the graphic design curriculum they are encouraged to talk to the faculty in that program.

Where to send your portfolio:

The preferred method to send your portfolio is through Miami's account with Slideroom. Instructions regarding uploading your work are included on the site. If you prefer to mail your portfolio, please mail to:

Jennifer Fox
Miami University
Department of Art
400 S. Patterson Ave.
124 Art Building
Oxford OH 45056

For additional information, contact the department at 513-529-2900 or