Student Posters

Student Poster Project 
HST 436/POL 440/540
Havighurst Seminar: The Gulag in History and Memory

Students in HST 436/POL 440/540 each pursued individual research for three weeks on an aspect of the Gulag that interested them. Working with Steve Norris, Karen Dawisha, and Masha Misco, each student selected a topic, developed a research question, and pursued individual research on the topic. They presented their findings in poster form before the participants in the Young Researchers Conference held from October 28-30.

Solovki PowerSolovki Power 

memorializing the gulag posterMemorializing the 
Gulag I
Women Gulag IIWomen in the Gulag II

Memorial GulagMemorializing the 
Gulag II
Alexander SolzhenitsynAlexander Solzhenitsyn
Literary PortrayalsLiterary Portrayals of
the Gulag
Gulag DreezeTheGulag Paradox
Gulag FunctionalismGulag Functionalism
King GulagPropaganda & Labor in the Gulag
Gulag EducationGulag Education
KovacMemorializing Sachsenhausen
Lloyd posterForced Labor in the Gulag 
Gulag Prison GangsGulag Prison Gangs
Survivor artSurvivor Art
MarksberryVictory Despite Stalin
Bitzer GulagAmericans in the Gulag
Political prisonersThe Use of Political Prisoners in WWII
FrankelGulag Policy toward Political Prisoners