Greek Amphora

The Minor in Classical Humanities

This minor offers students the opportunity to become acquainted with the rich spectrum of classical literature, language, art, and civilization. A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for all courses in the minor. These courses must be taken for a grade, not credit/no-credit.

Program Requirements (18 semester hours)
Two of these:
CLS 101 - Greek Civilization in its Mediterranean Context (3)
CLS 102 - Introduction to Roman Civilization (3)
CLS 121 - Classical Mythology (3)

Three semester hours of classical literature and language selected from:
CLS 211 - Greek and Roman Epic
CLS 212 - Greek and Roman Tragedy
CLS 213 - Greek and Roman Comedy
CLS 214 - Classical Tradition in Russian Poetry
CLS 215 - Roman Historians
CLS 218 - Greek and Roman Erotic Poetry
CLS 317 - Greek and Roman Philosophy
or any other approved course in classical literature;
or any Greek course except GRK 101, 102;
or any Latin course except LAT 101, 102, 121, 201.

Three hours in classical civilization selected from:
CLS 210A - Antiquity through a Lens
CLS 210R - Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity
CLS 216 - Roman Cities
CLS 244 - Egyptian Art and Archaeology
CLS 235 - Women in Antiquity
CLS 310I - Ancient Imperialism
CLS 321 - Justice and Law in Antiquity
ART 381 - Greek and Roman Architecture
ART 382 - Greek and Roman Sculpture
ART 383 - Greek and Roman Monumental Painting
or any other approved course in classical civilization.

Six additional hours selected from the last two groups.
(updated: 31 March 2016)