Internships in London

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Literary London Summer 2023 | mid-May-late June

Gain key international work experience for your resume by interning in London. Explore new areas of interest. Try out a career choice early. Learn about a new culture from the inside! 

Literary London is offering summer internships for program enrollees under the UK's visa system. Internships may also be taken for experiential credit (0 hours). 

Our interns are able to choose from a wide range of placement in many areas and fields, including Education internships in London-area schools. Some sample areas include: 

  • Publishing and Web Media—usually small independent presses and media firms; some specialty areas, including children’s publishing
  • Literary Agencies—supporting authors and writers
  • Communications and PR— often writing press-releases, stories
  • Education—assisting in London student classrooms
  • Journalism—print and web-based, often genre- or London-focus, such as London Magazine, What’s On in London, Monocle
  • Art Galleries and Museum Exhibitions—local artist promotions, assisting with exhibitions, or museum collections
  • Charities/Non-Profits—ranging from children’s and health to environmental organizations
  • Politics and Government—our interns have worked in MP (Member of Parliament) offices
  • Many more options possible

General Information

Am I guaranteed to intern in my top-ranked area?

All of our prior applicants have been successfully placed in internships, though internships are not absolutely guaranteed. The majority of our students work in their top-ranked choice of internship area, though this is not always possible, especially in highly competitive fields with many Miami applicants. Should this happen, we will find you another placement. Early in spring, prospective interns will be scheduled for preliminary interviews with Miami program internship advisors and AIFS' London coordinator to discuss optimal placements for Miami applicants. 

What is a typical work schedule?

Students typically should not work more than approximately 8-16 hours per week on Mondays and Fridays. We believe that internships enhance your Literary London courses and experience but should leave room for independent exploration outside scheduled time. Courses meet Tuesday-Thursday in weeks 2-6, with few, if any, exceptions. Internship schedules are often flexible, depending on the particular placement. Total hours are limited by law according to the terms of your visa. We advise you to consider seriously whether a work schedule in addition to taking classes abroad is appropriate for you.

The UK visa process

Because of UK Immigration laws, all students must apply for visas that will allow you work abroad legally. You will be guided through this entire process by Miami faculty and staff and then our London partners after you submit your application materials. All students must possess a valid US passport at the time of your application that expires after **December 31, 2023.**

Fees: Please note that the UK government sets the fees for visas, which were approximately $462 for 2022, with new fees announced in the spring. These fees are paid at the time of submitting the visa paperwork to the UK government in the spring. No student should apply for a visa without explicit permission from Dr. Peterson/AIFS staff.  

Do internships have course credit?

Internships are part of the regular 7-credit Literary London program structure. We see internships as complementing your Literary London coursework and life experience rather than being your primary focus, so there is no additional academic credit or grade assigned. You are expected to participate fully in all regular program activities.

Are internships supervised?

Yes. AIFS London staff insure that your placement is appropriate through site visits and follow-up contact with internship partners. Student attendance is monitored for compliance with visa rules. AIFS provides ongoing student support services.

Internships Checklist and Calendar

Be sure to review the Lit London website regularly for additional regular program reminders/deadlines and all forms. The checklist below concerns only internships. While program enrollees may apply on a rolling basis through early spring, interns must apply by January 2023 (exact date TBA) in order to leave ample time for visa processing.      

Step 1

Course Selections/Application and Preliminary Internships Form submitted together: Priority deadline November 30

Step 2

Deposit of $750, with Housing Form: Priority deadline November 30. The last possible date is January 2023 (date TBA), with a valid passport already in hand.

Step 3

Review all follow-up emails about how to submit CAS application forms, cover letters, resume, and AIFS forms by January 2023 deadline

Step 4

Apply for UK visa only when explicitly instructed to proceed. During the visa application process, you will make an appointment for a biometrics appointment at the US embassy office near or in your hometown of residence (you will be directed on how to do this during the application). Please note that all visa fees are paid at this time to the UK.

Step 5

Biometrics appointments are usually over spring break in/near your hometown. Upon completion of the biometrics appointment, final applications and passports must be sent to the UK consulate (usually in NYC) within five days. Students are advised to consider express mail/return to a permanent address. Note: if you plan to travel internationally during spring break, remember that your passport has to be mailed to NYC.

Step 6

Confirm return of passports and visas to home address with Dr. Peterson/AIFS staff.

Step 7

You may be invited for preliminary interviews over Skype or in person with AIFS staff and/or Dr. Peterson early in the spring to discuss your ideal placement. Interns receive confirmations usually before or upon arrival in London during the special orientation for interns. 

Step 8

Most internships commence during week two—good luck!

**Please note that students must leave the UK within seven days of the Lit London program’s end date in late June, including any family travel, or be in violation of their visa terms. It is possible, however, to re-enter the UK again as a tourist.