Le Procope: the oldest restaurant in Paris

Le Procope: the oldest restaurant in Paris

Student Organizations

French Culture and Language Community

Students interested in an immersion experience on the Oxford campus should consider living in the French Language Corridor which is currently housed in Thomson Hall.

The French Corridor is designed to immerse students in the language and culture of France and other French-speaking countries by offering cultural activities and the opportunity to interact with French-speaking faculty and faculty-in-residence. This co-ed program is open to all students with a strong interest in French cultures.

Faculty and staff involved in this community create programming involving trips off campus to theatres or museums with French themes or exhibits in addition to French movies shown in the hall. The community enjoys weekly activities such as the Table Française and also celebrates annual cultural events such as Carnival or Mardi Gras.

In conjunction with living in the French Corridor, residents take a required one credit hour course, FRE 110 an informal seminar-style course taught by French faculty, which discusses relevant cultural topics such as food, media, cinema, and current events in France and the Francophone world. Students' participation is strongly encouraged so as to develop a better understanding of France, the French, and their culture. Living and learning in the French Corridor provides an excellent opportunity to broaden students' perspectives on France and on our global community as a whole while completing their studies at Miami University.

Activities and benefits of living in the French Corridor include:

  • French and Francophone film series.
  • FRE 110: A special seminar for corridor residents. Lectures on French topics by Miami faculty and international scholars.
  • Satellite-feed French-language television programming in the hall.
  • Le Kiosque: in-hall magazine rack with current French periodicals.
  • Advance notice of French and Francophone activities on and around campus and the Cincinnati area.
  • All activities are optional (except FRE 110), however a high level of participation in Corridor is expected.

Pi Delta Phi

The Department's students also run a dynamic extra-curricular French club. Pi Delta Phi is a national honorary society for students in French, and Miami is proud to host one of the most active chapters in the country. Run entirely by undergraduates with the assistance of a faculty liaison, Professor Michel Pactat, Pi Delta Phi regularly organizes a wide variety of activities for students interested in discovering more about the French-speaking world and French culture in the United States. Events in recent semesters have included trips to restaurants, art exhibitions, plays, and films in the Cincinnati area. There have also been numerous on-campus activities such as crêpe-making, African drumming workshops, Caribbean dinners, and student-faculty volleyball. For information on events planned for the current academic year, send an email to the faculty liaison, Professor Michel Pactat.

To be eligible for Pi Delta Phi membership, students must meet the following criteria:

  • a 2.8 cumulative GPA
  • a 3.0 GPA in French courses
  • Students must be currently enrolled in, or have taken at least one course in French at or above the 300 level.
  • Pay the full national membership fee of $40 (for the first year). For each subsequent year of membership, the fee is $25.

Students interested in becoming a member of Pi Delta Phi should contact Professor Michel Pactat. For membership, please apply online using the online application form. Upon notification from the faculty advisor of acceptance, you will need to pay your membership fee at the Department office, located in 207 Irvin Hall. For more information about the benefits of membership, please consult the Pi Delta Phi web site.


AIESEC (pronounced eye-sek) is the International Association of Students in Economics and Business. AIESEC operates an international job exchange, which annually matches 5,000 businesses and students worldwide. The organization is totally student run, from the international headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, to the local committee here at Miami. Membership in AIESEC is through an interview selection process and successful completion of a training program. For more information, stop by their office at 15 Laws Hall, call 513-529-2843, or send an email.

Italian Caffè

Weekly afternoon get togethers offer a casual setting where students can practice language skills and meet with other speakers at all levels, from beginners to faculty and foreign visitors. Both locations below take cash, credit cards, and MUlaa cards. Please feel free to stop by either or both days.

Every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00, students, faculty, and guests are encouraged to meet at Haines Food Court in the Shriver Center.

Every Wednesday afternoon at 3:30, students, faculty, and guests are encouraged to meet at King Cafe.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Andrea Righi.

Italian Club

For more information about the Italian Club, contact Dr. Andrea Righi.