Passage du Grand Cerf: a covered shopping arcade in Paris

Passage du Grand Cerf: a covered shopping arcade in Paris

Advising and Placement in French


Those freshmen who arrive with a declared French major are contacted in the spring semester and assigned an advisor from among the faculty. French majors should feel free to contact their advisors whenever a problem develops, or simply to discuss their academic and professional plans. Once a French major has been assigned an advisor, the advisor's name will be listed on the "Student" tab of the advisee, on the BannerWeb pages accessible on your myMIAMI web page. The assigned advisor will assist in making course selections consistent with the student's academic interests. The Chief Departmental Advisor of the department can also assist with academic planning. However, the ultimate responsibility for fulfilling all requirements rests with the student. By the second semester of the junior year, the student should also see an advisor in the College of Arts and Science to review the completion of College and University requirements.

For questions relating to French courses or advising guidance, please contact:

Dr. Mark McKinney
Irvin Hall 204
513-529-7508 Department
513-529-5646 Office

Course Placement

If this is a new language for you (i.e., no prior experience in this language), students should enroll in French 101 and do not need to take a placement exam or advisement evaluation.

If you have had previous experience or education in this language,you will need to take the French Placement Test first to see which level you should enroll in. Go to Miami's Foreign Language Placement test web site and select French for your language. Then select the number of years you have previously had learning French. If you have had 1/2 years, round up to the next whole year of previous experience. When you are finished with the test, you will receive a raw score and a suggested placement:

 1 year
2 years 3 years 4 years

000-999 = FRE 101

000-225 = FRE 101
226-275 = FRE 102
276-999 = FRE 201

000-250 = FRE 101
251-300 = FRE 102
301-404 = FRE 201
405-425 = FRE 202
426-999 = FRE 301

000-325 = FRE 102
326-429 = FRE 201
430-450 = FRE 202
451-999 = FRE 301

If you believe that the language placement is incorrect or have doubts about the placement, please talk to the language advisor, who would be able to interview you briefly and recommend a best placement based on your written, spoken, listening, literary, and cultural competence.