Academic Personnel Services is a good starting point for faculty with questions about retiring from Miami. Payroll Services and Employee Benefits & Wellness can also provide answers to particular questions. If you have questions not answered here, please contact Beth Matix at 513-529-6724.


Retiree: An employee who applies for and receives a service retirement benefit from an Ohio public employees retirement system (e.g., State Teachers Retirement System [STRS], Public Employees Retirement System [PERS]) or an employee who is a participant in the Miami University Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP), is 59 1/2, and who applies for and receives a retirement distribution from the ARP (Coverage/Definitions).

Full retirement: This phrase is used when a faculty member retires and does not apply for or is not accepted into the Miami Retirement with Rehiring Program.

Retirement with Rehiring Program (a.k.a. early retirement): Tenured members of the instructional staff, with the approval of the department chair/program director, appropriate dean, and the Provost, may participate in the University’s Retirement with Rehiring Program during the first three consecutive academic years following their retirement. Reemployment may be for a full teaching load for one semester or one-half (½) load for two semesters.