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Chris Dobbs

Chris Dobbs

Chris Dobbs

Chris Dobbs earned B.A.s in Classical Humanities and Classical Languages from Miami University in 2011. He went on to complete an M.A. in Classics with a Latin emphasis from Columbia University in 2012. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Classical Studies, with a minor in Ancient Studies, at the University of Missouri.

His research interests include Comparative Mythology, the Epic Tradition, Late Republican and Early Imperial literature, Roman Social History, and ancient leisure activities, particularly board and dice games from around the Mediterranean. Chris finds special enjoyment in studying the intersection between literary, material, and artistic evidence to come to conclusions that cannot be reached through only one method. Chris has given talks on his work at conferences across the United States, as well as in Belgium and Germany, and he will speak at an upcoming colloquium in England in May of 2014.

Chris is preparing to take his Comprehensive Examinations in Spring of 2015, leaving only his dissertation. Under the direction of Dr. Dan Hooley, his dissertation will be on Roman leisure activities, social stigmatization, and legal response. Upon finishing graduate work, Chris is excited to enter the field and gain some of the vast wealth he is sure awaits a professional Classicist.

Stemming from his own research, Chris designed a new course, “Board and Dice Games in Antiquity,” which he will teach beginning in Fall of 2014. This class will examine the board and dice games of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It will use literary, material, and artistic evidence to situate these activities in their respective cultures according to by examining them through the lenses of history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, religion, law, and more.

Chris has also developed outside of his research. Combining one of his interests with modern-day application, he won the Reserve Section of the 2012-2013 Missouri chess championship.

In Spring of 2013, he won the Green Chalk Award, an award for teaching excellence by graduate students. Most importantly, Chris became a Miami Merger on May 27th, 2012, when he married Lisa (Witek) Dobbs (class of 2012), a high school band and choir director. She too is excited for all of those Classicist riches she has been promised.