BS Physics

Designed to prepare students for graduate study and/or employment in physics or physics-related fields. This program maximizes physics and mathematics concentrations.

BS Biological Physics

Designed for careers in biological physics, biophysics, medical physics, medicine, and biomedical engineering. This program explores the physical behavior of biological and biologically-inspired systems, applying physical techniques to solve problems in physics, biology, and medicine. The program is multi-disciplinary, drawing from coursework in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and related disciplines. It combines a broad science curriculum with physical and mathematical rigor.

BS Engineering Physics

Designed to be sufficiently flexible to prepare students for employment in physics-related jobs, or for further study in engineering and technical fields. There are three paths with this degree: Complete the 3-2 Binary Engineering Plan; complete ONE of the minors in the College of Engineering and Computing at Miami; or complete ONE of the applied physics tracks.

BS-MS Combined Program

Highly qualified students can concurrently work toward Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees, with up to 12 graduate hours counting toward both degrees. Upon completion of all degree requirements, the bachelor and master degree are awarded simultaneously. Students can earn both degrees in Physics, or an interdisciplinary five-year program allows students to earn a BS in Engineering Physics and MS in Computational Mechanical Engineering.