Note: MPC = Miami Plan Capstone; MPF = Miami Plan Foundation; MPT = Miami Plan Thematic Sequence.

AAA 201 - Introduction to Asian/Asian American Studies (3)

  • provides a general introduction to the related disciplines of Asian Studies, and Asian American Studies
  • considers how "Asia" and "Asian America" are defined, geopolitically and strategically to allow us to develop a critical view about Asian and Asian American studies in a transnational frame
  • examines fiction, film and sociological works to enable students to acquire a better understanding about what is being researched in this field
  • Global MPF, CAS-B

AAA/EDT 202 - Global Childhood Education: Diversity, Education & Society (3) MPF

  • focuses on increasing awareness, sensitivity, and understanding of the diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious, and family backgrounds of children in education from broader perspectives
  • provides students with an opportunity to explore the multicultural American society as well as the global communities
  • discusses the critical issues by connecting them to application into educational practice and settings
  • Global MPF, IIIB

AAA/ITS/REL 203 - Global Religions of India (3)

  • explores the major religions of India and their growth outside India
  • asks how these religions have contributed to the religious pluralism of America
  • illustrates how Asian American and non Asian American practitioners of these religions have changed the way that religion is practiced in India and other parts of Asia
  • Global MPF, CAS-B

EDT 205 - Race, Cultural Diversity, and Equity in Education (3)

  • explores key theories and interpretations related to race and how racial disparities are produced, maintained, and challenged in education and society at large
  • analyzes race and its intersections with other forms of difference (class, gender, sexuality, ability, etc.) in dynamics of power, dominance, and resistance from historical and contemporary perspectives
  • identifies concepts, definitions, and strategies that prepare students and others to work and live effectively in racially diverse schools and societies
  • IC

AAA 207: Asia and Globalization (3)

  • studies recent transformative interactions, influences, and adaptations between China and the world
  • uses sociological theories and comparative and cross-cultural methodologies to illustrate how social and cultural institutions shape the globalization process
  • guides students to understand how social behavior varies across cultures as well as across categories of difference, particularly race, class, and gender within society
  • Global MPF, CAS-B

AAA/PSY 210: Psychology across Cultures (3)

  • examines the role of culture in understanding human psyche and behavior (In particular, cultural and cross-cultural perspectives on human emotion, cognition, morality, sense of self, child rearing, and mental health are explored.)
  • Topics related to immigration and racial prejudice within the global context are also examined.
  • The reading material will be drawn from psychology, as well as psychological anthropology, and will be supplemented with the use of media in exploring cultural influences on human behavior.
  • Global MPF, CAS-C

AAA/ENG/WGS 211A: Writing with Purpose (3)

  • focuses on interdisciplinary practices of knowledge creation and dissemination
  • Students practice a variety of communication strategies necessary for the effective dissemination of ideas to interdisciplinary audiences and the general public. Emphasis will be on writing in real world situations in order to persuade and inform the greater public about issues that impact the public good.

JPN 231 - Japanese Tales of the Supernatural in English Translation (3) MPF

  • focusing on the supernatural, this course examines major literary works chronologically, from Tale of Genji (ca. 1010), to contemporary films
  • CAS-B

AAA/ENG 248 - Asian American Literature (3)

  • survey of Asian American writing (including the novel, poetry, drama, nonfiction, etc.) from the early 20th century to the present
  • addresses immigration experiences, growing up in America, and writing as cultural expression
  • course uses an interdisciplinary approach to the study of literature, drawing on history, sociology, ethnic studies, and current trends in American literary studies
  • Global MPF, CAS-B

AAA/FST/ENG 249 - Asian and Asian American Cinema

  • explores films largely from and about South and South East Asia and Asian America to illustrate how visual texts as modes of representation play a significant role in negotiating, constructing, and reproducing "culture"
  • critically evaluates how cinema creates, recreates, perpetuates and reproduces 'Asian' cultures for western, native, and diasporic audiences
  • guides students to analyze how mainstream notions of nation, gender, sexuality, family values, social hierarchies and social change get constructed at the intersection of the audience, visual imagery and political economic context
  • Global MPF, CAS-B

AAA/HIN 268 - Bollywood and Indian Culture (3)

  • introduces major Indian historical, social, and cultural issues through representative Bollywood films
  • Screening of films ranges from Raj Kapoor's 1951 Awaara to the award-winning film Gandhi to recent films English Vinglish and Ishaqzaade.
  • Lectures, discussions, and readings are in English.

AAA/ENG 269 - Colonial and Postcolonial Literature (3)

  • Intensive introduction to theories of colonial and postcolonial identity through the study of South Asian Literature and Culture from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka
  • CAS-B

GEO 308 - Geography of East Asia (3) MPT

  • analysis of cultural and physical landscapes of China, Japan, and Korea

AAA/EDL 334 - Transnational Youth Culture (3) MPT

  • The category "youth" can be defined in biological, cultural and geo-political terms.
  • We focus on the cultural practices of transnational youths as a socio-historical construction that is affected by contemporary conditions of neo-liberalism, neo-colonialism and globalization.
  • Special attention is given to 1) youth as both consumers and producers of culture; 2) historical and social contexts that effect how youth culture(s) are constructed and negotiated in specific places and spaces in history; and 3) youth movements as a form of grassroots political action.

AMS/ENG 348 - Ethnic American Literatures (3)

  • intensive introduction to theories of race, ethnicity, and identity through the study of American literature by ethnic minorities
  • CAS-B

AAA/ENG/BWS 351 - Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America (3)

  • intensive interdisciplinary study of imaginative representations of the encounters between "Asia" and "America," broadly conceived, particularly the entangled relations among their diverse constituencies in the contexts of colonialism and globalization
  • Key topics include feminist critique of gendered violence and human rights issues; Euro-American militarism and sex tourism; the emergence of new categories of sex, gender, and kinship as lived experiences mediated by transnational consumer culture and institutional structures; masculinity and Asian diasporic nationalisms; pan-Asian movements against racism, colonialism, and neoliberalism both in Asia and the U.S.; and the emergence of new critical, artistic and aesthetic practices.

GEO 408/GEO 508 - Geography of the Silk Road (The Heart of Asia) (3) MPT

  • examines the geography of the Inner Asia region including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Inner Asian China (Xinjiang)

AAA 410A/ENG 409 - Topics in Asian/Asian American Studies: Asian/Asian American Rhetoric (3)

  • studies how Asians and Asian Americans use language and other discursive means to redress the injuries of the past and to respond to and shape the social, political, and cultural conditions of their time
  • draws upon rhetorical theories, comparative rhetoric studies, discourse analysis theories, as well as Asian immigration history and US Supreme Court cases to investigate, e.g., the forms Asian/Asian American rhetoric takes; the questions it addresses; and the audiences it engages
  • CAS-B

BWS/ENG/WGS 432 - Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color (3)

  • concerns issues of language, history, geography, social-psychology, and culture for U.S. women of color (black, Asian-American, Latina, American Indian, and others)
  • includes works by and about women on gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and other differences

HST 434 - China along the Silk Road before 1600 (3)

  • examines the role the transcontinental Silk Road played in Chinese history, including the development of the Road, its role in China's foreign relations, the impact of foreign trade, and the spread of cultures and religions