Global Perspectives on American Culture

(Steve Angarola, AMS 301 shadowbox project)

This area of concentration (for the AMS major) focuses on global perceptions and analysis of American culture and values, and on the position of the United States in the global world. This area requires study abroad for a semester at one of our partner institutions and is developed in consultation with an advisor.

AMS 207 is a prerequisite for this concentration and will count toward the 15 semester hours in concentration requirements. The rest of the credits will be taken from AMS courses at our partner universities.

American Studies Courses at Partner Universities

The following table provides links to the university home pages and relevant course listings pages at our partner institutions.

Courses for Global Perspectives on American Culture Area of Concentration
Country University Department/Program
Canada McGill University North American Studies Program
University of Toronto Centre for the Study of the United States
Egypt American University in Cairo Center for American Studies and Research
Finland University of Oulu Area Studies and the Anglophone World
University of Tampere North American Studies
Holland Radboud University Nijmegen North American Studies
Hungary University of Debrecen North American Department
Ireland University of Ulster American Studies
New Zealand University of Canterbury, Christchurch American Studies Programme
United Kingdom University of Nottingham American and Canadian Studies
University of Sussex American Studies
Swansea University (Wales) American Studies

Learn more about the Global Perspectives on American Culture concentration at the Study Abroad with the American Studies web page.