Women in the World Concentration Requirement

A student and faculty member pose in Vina del Mar, Chile.

Women in the World is a functional concentration that meets the concentration requirement for the ITS major.

Take 12 semester hours, representing at least 3 different disciplines, from the following courses.

Courses for Women in the World Concentration
Course Title Hours
ATH 428/528 Anthropology of Women's Health 3
BWS/WGS/POR 383 By or About (Afro-) Brazilian Women 3
GEO/WGS 436 Women, Gender, and the Environment 3
HST 383 Women in Chinese History 3
PHL/WGS 355 Feminist Theory 4
POL/WGS 346 Global Gender Politics 3
REL/WGS 333 Religion, Dress, and Status 3
SOC/WGS 203 Sociology of Gender Roles 3
SOC 305 Introduction to the Sociology of Globalization 3
WGS 201 Introduction to Women's Studies 3
WGS/AAA/REL 313 Marriage Across Cultures 3
WGS/AAA/ENG 351 Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America 3