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Safety and Wellbeing

Sexual Misconduct/Title IX

Miami University is committed to maintaining a health and safe learning, living and working environment that promotes responsibility, dignity and respect in matters of sexual an interpersonal conduct.  Policies are found at Sexual Misconduct Protocol and specific information about sexual assault is also available.

Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination

Miami is committed to providing and environment free of conduct that unreasonably interferes with a suitable working, living or learning environment as described in the Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination document.

Disability Services

Miami is committed to providing equal opportunities for people with disabilities as described in Disability ServicesStudent accommodations for disabilities are provided by the Miller Center for Student Disability Services.

Emergency Notification and Response

Timely Warnings (Safety Bulletins)

In the event that a crime is reported on the University's campus property, non-campus property, or on the public property surrounding campus that, in the judgment of the Miami University Police Department, constitutes an on-going serious or continuing threat to the campus community, a Safety Bulletin will be issued. Policies defining events warranting timely notification, procedures, and additional resources: Timely Warnings.

Helping students in distress.

Student Counseling Services and Health Services:

Student counseling services are available to all students.

Student health services are available to all students.  You need to have health insurance, purchased from Miami or through your  own provider.

Although you will interact with PAS faculty who are professional health care providers, you cannot obtain health care or advice about personal health issues from those faculty.  Students in the PAS program are not practitioners and cannot provide health care.

Biomedical Science, M.M.Sc.

Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness
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