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Advanced Inquiry Program

AIP Application Steps

1) If you have not done so already, let us know you are applying.

Fill out the brief I’m Interested form

2) Start your application to Miami’s Graduate School

Graduate School Application

(Fill out the first page to initiate your application; Under "What program are you interested in?" select "Biology (Project Dragonfly (Online)" if you are interested in the MA in Biology. Select "Biological Sciences (Project Dragonfly) (Online)" if you are a teacher interested in the MAT in Biological Sciences. Not sure? Note that you can change your degree once in the program.)

3) Create an account in “My Project Dragonfly

This is Miami University/Project Dragonfly's applicant/student database.

Follow the detailed instructions on this site to share your contact, personal and academic details as well as indicate your target AIP site affiliate. Note: Applicants using Hotmail email addresses to create their “My Project Dragonfly” accounts may not receive the activation email. Please use a different email address to create your account or, if you do not have an alternate email address, contact for assistance in activating your account.

My Project Dragonfly 

4) Before the application due date, complete your application to Miami’s Graduate School

Prepare and submit the following:

  • Copies of your unofficial transcript(s) – Miami’s Graduate School requires a bachelor’s degree
  • Your updated résumé or CV
  • Names and contact information for at least two people from whom you would like to request recommendations. Note: The Graduate School application will allow you to list the name and email address of a third reference, but only two letters of recommendation are required to complete your application package.
  • Your answers to these questions:
    • How have you translated professional opportunities, classes, or life experiences into your work? (250-word limit)
    • How do you think this experience will benefit your personal life, professional life and your community? (250-word limit)
  • Your application fee to the Graduate School

Graduate School Application

Some important notes:

  • You will need to follow the Graduate Degree (Online Programs) link on the Graduate School Application website.
  • To apply for the Master of Arts (MA) degree, select "Biology (Project Dragonfly) (online)" on the drop down menu for "What program are you interested in?" To apply for the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree, select "Biological Sciences (Project Dragonfly) (online).
  • To apply for the Master of Arts (MA) degree, select "Biology (Project Dragonfly) (online)" on the drop down menu for "What program are you interested in?" To apply for the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree, select "Biological Sciences (Project Dragonfly) (online).
  • After creating your initial account you will receive an automated confirmation message from the Miami Graduate School. Please allow about 15 minutes before following the link that is shared in this message as this much time is needed for the system to display the next part of the application on your Status Page.
  • From your Application Status page, you will be prompted to submit most of your application materials, including your transcripts and the names and email addresses of your recommenders. You will then need to submit your application, wait a few minutes again, and then go back to your Application Status page, at which time you will see the prompt to upload your essays under your Application Checklist. You will use the general Upload Materials feature to submit a copy of your résumé.
  • While it is not required that you submit your Social Security Number when you complete your Graduate School application, failure to do so can cause complications when you first login to myMiami, the library, or other systems and services on the Miami University website.

While applications are accepted through February 28, we encourage you to complete your Miami University Graduate School application as early as possible. Doing so will help ensure that all components of your application package, including your letters of recommendation, will be received and processed in a timely manner.

Acceptance to the Advanced Inquiry Program

For Summer 2023 admission: Candidate screening begins on February 28, 2023. Applicants are generally notified in April. 

Note: Your admittance to the Graduate School is not final until you receive the official letter from the Graduate School.

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