Oxford Weekend

studio-events-collaboration students working at a table
a game design with stickers and a game board
a student working on a computer
a pattern cut out of a sheet of wood

All first-semester students in the xdMFA travel to Miami University’s main campus in Oxford, Ohio for a long weekend of learning and fun. This four-day event includes design and research-intensive sessions, workshops, project work, and close interaction with program faculty. Oxford Weekend is a chance for the incoming cohort of learners to get to know one another as well as program faculty while also exploring Miami’s beautiful campus, the town of Oxford, and the surrounding region.

Highlights of this kick-off weekend include:

  • several meals with faculty
  • the “Experience Experience” Project
  • a chance to see a Miami Football game
  • time to check out local restaurants and parks
  • the xdMFA Launch Ceremony

the xdMFA studio room with tables and chairs

The xdMFA Graduate Studio in Hiestand Hall

There’s nothing like the shared experience of being in the same place at the same time. Oxford Weekend is when each cohort of students establishes their foundation for the xdMFA.

Oxford Weekend Schedule

Time Event Duration
All Day Arrival
7 p.m. Introduction Meeting: Welcome to the xdMFA 1 hr
8 p.m. Dinner in Oxford 2 hrs
Time Event Duration
Morning Design Workshop 4 hrs
Lunch Working Lunch in the xdMFA Graduate Studio 1 hr
Afternoon Research Workshop 4 hrs
Dinner Dinner in Oxford 1 hr
Evening The "Experience Experience" Project Night
Time Event Duration
Breakfast Design Faculty Breakfast 1 hr
Morning "Experience Experience" Project Review 2 hrs
Morning Theory and Ethics Workshop 2 hrs
Lunch Design Faculty Lunch 1 hr
Afternoon Design Charrette 4 hrs
Evening Explore Cincinnati Area Free Time and Project Work Overnight
Time Event Duration
Morning Explore Cincinnati Area Free Time and Project Work Morning
Afternoon Exploration Reports 3 hrs
Evening xdMFA Launch Ceremony 2 hrs
Time Event Duration
All Day Depart