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Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Degree Programs 

Program Graduate Degree Concentrations Supplementary Materials (see key below) Proof of English (TOEFL/ IELTS) Start Term:
Priority Deadline Date
Biology* M.A., M.S., Ph.D. N/A CV, PS, 3 LoR 100/6.5 Fall: Jan. 1
Botany M.A., M.S., Ph.D. N/A CV, PS, 3 LoR 100/6.5 Fall: Jan. 1
Cellular, Molecular, and Structural Biology* M.S., Ph.D. N/A CV, PS, 3 LoR, GRE (optional) 80/6.5 Fall: Jan. 1
Chemistry M.S., Ph.D. Analytical, Biochemistry, Biophysical, Chemistry Education, Inorganic, Organic, Physical CV, PS, 2 LoR, GRE (optional) 80/6.5

Fall: Jan. 1
Spring: Oct. 1

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology* Ph.D. N/A CV, PS, 3 LoR 80/6.5 Fall: Jan. 1
Educational Leadership Ed.D. N/A CV, PS, 2 LoR, EQ 80/6.5 Summer: Feb. 1
Educational Leadership Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Studies and Leadership, Culture and Curriculum CV, PS, 2 LoR, WS 80/6.5 Fall: Jan. 1
English* M.A., Ph.D.

Composition and Rhetoric, Literature

CV, PS, 3 LoR, WS 80/6.5 Fall: Dec. 1
Geology* M.A., M.S., Ph.D. N/A CV, PS, 3 LoR 80/6.5 Fall: Jan. 1
Microbiology M.S., Ph.D. N/A CV, PS, 3 LoR, GRE (optional) 100/7.5 Fall: Jan. 1
Nursing Practice (online) D.N.P. N/A NursingCAS N/A Fall: Aug. 1
Psychology Ph.D. (M.A. is a required step)

Clinical, Social

CV, PS, 3 LoR 80/6.5

Fall: Dec. 1

Social Gerontology Ph.D. N/A CV, PS, 3 LoR, GRE (optional) 80/6.5 Fall: Jan. 1

*Denotes conditional admission option for English Proficiency.

Important Information

  • We require all international applicants who studied in a non-English speaking country or institution to submit proof of English proficiency
  • Students applying for conditional admission must submit proof of English proficiency at the time of application.
  • We accept unofficial copies of transcripts and test scores at the time of application and require official final copies before the start of the first term of study. 

Supplementary Materials Key

Supplementary Materials Key
Abbreviation Meaning
AD Audition
ATCAS Athletic Training Centralized Application System
CASPA Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants
CCS Computer Code Sample
CSDCAS Centralized Application Service for Communication Science and Disorders Programs
CV Curriculum Vitae/ Resume
CW Creative Work
DA Department Application
EQ Essay Question
GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test
GRE Graduate Records Exam
LoR Letter of Recommendation
MAT Millers Analogy Test
NursingCAS Nursing Centralized Application Service
P Portfolio
PACAS App Physician's Assistant Centralized Application Service
PS Personal Statement
TL Teaching License
TS Test Scores
V Video
WS Writing Sample

Priority - Funding Consideration

Final - Regular Consideration

The Graduate School

The Graduate School is committed to advocating and supporting graduate programs dedicated to the pursuit of new knowledge and best teaching practices that promote diverse, globally aware graduate students and faculty.

Graduate Admission

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