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Graduate Student Emergency Fund

Scope of Funding

Pending the continued availability of funds, Graduate School Emergency Fund grants are available to assist with a range of one-time, unanticipated, or urgent expenses incurred by the student directly that cannot be paid through other forms of aid or personal resources. Expenses must be essential to the safety/well-being of the student or required for the student to make academic progress toward degree requirements

Examples of eligible expenses include:

  • Repair or replacement of newer academic technology due to documented damage or theft. [Note: Students may rent laptops and other tech equipment from University Libraries]
  • Unanticipated or emergency medical expenses 
  • Temporary housing for displacement due to fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstances
  • Travel costs that are related to an unexpected crisis or the death in the immediate family. Documentation such as an obituary or official notice of death may be required.
  • Legal expenses
  • Natural disaster 
  • Personal safety needs (e.g., changing a lock)
  • Other unanticipated and urgent needs as appropriate 

Graduate students may not receive funds for non-urgent expenses or expenses that could reasonably be covered by other means. Examples of ineligible expenses include

  • Regular expenses related to the cost of attendance (including tuition, fees, and normal educational supplies).
  • Expenses for periods in which the student is on leave or not actively enrolled in a University program, including post-graduation costs
  • Expenses incurred by someone other than the student 
  • Purchase of new technology or replacement of old technology
  • Scholarly and professional conference attendance, professional development activities, non-emergency travel
  • Fees and expenses related to post-graduation employment, i.e., licensure fees, OPT fees, etc.
  • Loan repayment or credit card debt
  • Ongoing living expenses, utilities/food expenses: Students may be able to receive short-term assistance in cases of true emergency. 
  • Expenses related to green cards, student visas, or similar immigration documents.


The fund is open to currently enrolled, degree-seeking graduate and professional students who are enrolled full-time and have no bursar holds on their account. Students enrolled in combined bachelor's/master’s programs who have not yet received their bachelor's degree are not eligible. The following additional stipulations apply

  • Full-time staff members enrolled in graduate-level coursework or programs are not eligible. 
  • Costs must be incurred while the student is enrolled and registered in a degree-granting graduate or professional degree program. Costs incurred during a previous academic year, prior to active enrollment, or while a student is on leave are not eligible.
  • The student should intend to continue in the graduate program once the emergency is resolved.
  • Students may receive funding more than once per academic year from the Graduate School Emergency Fund. 

If a student is unsure about or would like to discuss their eligibility, they should contact the Graduate School at

How to Apply

Students may not apply more than once per academic year to the Graduate School Emergency Fund. 

Applicants should provide as much detail as possible so that the committee who is reviewing the application is able to clearly understand the situation and evaluate the student’s financial needs. Applicants may be asked to provide additional documentation or information that the committee determines is needed to evaluate the request.

Online Application Form

Funding Note

This funding is made possible through the generosity of Miami University alumni and friends. The award does not require repayment. However, to ensure that funds continue to remain available to students now and in the future, the Graduate School encourages awardees and others to consider making donations to this fund when they are able.

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