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Graduate Inclusive Excellence Scholars (GIES) Program

Nomination Process

Applicants from eligible graduate programs who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States will be emailed information on how to self-nominate for this award after they have been admitted to the Graduate School. Self-nomination involves uploading an essay through the Slate system (instructions will be provided in the email).

The essay prompt is: "Please upload an essay (no more than 1 page single-spaced 12-point font) discussing how your experiences with diversity and inclusion have made you the person you are today and will result in positive contributions to the inclusive excellence commitment of Miami University and/or your academic discipline".

Self-nominations are accepted on a rolling basis, but for best consideration, it is recommended that the essay be uploaded by Feb 1 for round 1 consideration and by Mar 1 for round 2 consideration.

Self-nomination essays will be reviewed by the respective graduate programs, in conjunction with admission application data. The Graduate Director or Department Chair from each eligible program can advance nominations for up to three applicants per round, using a Qualtrics form provided by the Graduate School. Nominations from the Graduate Director or Department Chair are due annually on Feb. 15 (round 1 consideration) or March 15 (round 2 consideration).

Nominations will be accepted after March 15 if awards are still available.

Decision Process

The Graduate School review process will start the week following Feb. 15 and March 15.

Selection will be based on the strength of the nomination, considering the applicant's essay, graduate application, and the letter of support and recommendation from the department.

The Graduate Director or Department Chair nominator of nominees selected for a GIES award will be emailed with additional information and instructions on notifying the nominee and processing the award. Nominees who are not selected after the first round will stay in consideration for the second round review process.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School is committed to advocating and supporting graduate programs dedicated to the pursuit of new knowledge and best teaching practices that promote diverse, globally aware graduate students and faculty.

Graduate Admission

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