2019 Spring Alumni and Friends Conference

May 3, 2019

The conference is a forum for CEC alumni and friends to return to campus to share with students and faculty their technical expertise and career-related advice.  The day-long conference will feature a morning and afternoon session with four concurrent presentations and panel discussions.

Watch for updates as planning unfolds for the 2019 Conference. It will be held in the Armstrong Student Center and caps off Engineering and Computing Week at Miami.

Questions about the event? email or call Clark Kelly  kellyca@MiamiOH.edu, (513) 529-0702.

2019 Schedule of Events

Wednesday, May 1 - Engineering and Computing Week Banquet, hosted by Tau Beta Pi.  Banquet Speaker will be Caroline Baillie, Ph.D., Professor of Praxis, Integrated Engineering at the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering, Univeristy of San Diego.

Thursday, May 2 - Senior Design Expo. 5-7 p.m. Location:  Millett Hall - Concourse. Senior design teams will display results from their year-long projects. Awards at 7 p.m.

Friday, May 3 - 2019 Spring Alumni & Friends Conference.  Location:  Armstrong Student Center 

7:30am   Registration and Continential Breakfast
8:30am   Opening Remarks - Dean Dollár
8:40am   Plenary Keynote - James Black, CIO WorldPay    Inhale the future. Exhale the past     James Black will outline some of the challenging moments he faced during his career leading him to his current role as Global CIO of Worldpay. He will share his approach to shedding negative experiences and embracing the future opportunities which have led to his successes. 


  • CSE Alumni Meeting - room ASC 1062 Joslyn Senate Chambers
  • MME Alumni Meeting - room ASC 1066
  • ECE Alumni Meeting - room ASC 2084
  • CPB Alumni Meeting - room ASC 2080


  • Room 1062    Joslyn Senate Chamber: Tom Barber '12 Make Working in a Remote World, Work  In today’s workplace, remote positions are becoming commonplace, particularly in tech. While this allows the right employers and employees to come together regardless of geography, there are challenges to overcome. Learn how the USA TODAY NETWORK does remote the right way, and what to look for in a remote role/employer.
  • Room 1066    Walt Wood '72  Starting a business out of your garage and ending up in space. How to turn it into a business with 50+ employees and customers worldwide, ranging from custom designed hermetic seals for the national research labs, NASA and SpaceX to those customers requiring high volumes and high quality in the thousands.
  • Room 1086   Matt Redder '83  Where are the Hands-on Jobs in Manufacturing? 
  • Room 2084    Eddie Obissi '13 Intellectual property law as an alternative career path for engineering students.  A brief overview of the patenting process and how students might expect to encounter patents as engineers and my role as a patent attorney and the career paths available to engineering students in the legal industry (both with and without a law degree)
  • Room 2080    Eric Saul '16  What it means to be an Application Engineer to industrial customers. Products and services JTEKT North America provides to both the Automotive and Industrial customers and what it is like to work for a Japanese-based company and the pitfalls an American employee may face.


  • Room 1062 Joslyn Senate Chamber: Doug Meil '91 Why Professional Wrestling is important for your software career, and other stories. Things I've learned in my career about software engineering through multiple startups and the open source community. Professional Wrestling is a useful metaphor to understand human dynamics, communication styles, and team structure.
  • Room 1066 Daniel Ferriell '15 Structural Composite Fabrication and Bonding in Aerospace Structures   Increased interest in composite materials for commercial aerospace structures points to the growing need to join thermoplastic composites to both similar and dissimilar materials. This research explored the effectiveness of multiple surface preparation methods and adhesives applied to PEKK/carbon fiber composite laminates for bonding applications.
  • Room 1086 Mary Floren '17  Blockchain: Coming Soon to an Industry Near You!  As a consequence of media coverage on cryptocurrency, most people are familiar with blockchain technology, but not with its underlying concepts and applications outside of the online transactions sphere. This presentation will address what makes blockchain important, common misconceptions and how it can be used in industries around the world
  • Room 2084 Jonathan Schuerger '09 Development Of A Low Cost Multi-Functional Phased Array Radar System  This talk will cover different aspects of developing a low cost multi-functional radar system which utilizes active phased array technology to perform radar target detection, tracking, altitude measuring and real-beam/SAR image formation for various commercial and military applications.
  • Room 2080 David Cowles '81 Micro-fibrillated Cellulose (MFC) – Production, application, and how does it fit in today’s paper production.  This presentation will summarize how we produce MFC, what might a plant look like, and what are the energy requirements.  We will discuss how MFC influences paper properties when added both internally and on the surface.  Additionally we will touch on the equipment used to produce and apply MFC.


11:45am   Luncheon - Pavilion C Keynote Speaker: Disha Patel

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Engineering and Tech to Boost Outcomes


  • Room 1062    Joslyn Senate Chamber: Erin Boyle '06   The Art of Product Management - What it is, why it's important. What it's really like to work on a cross-functional product team.
  • Room 1066     Peter Beckwith '92  “Light” Lean Six Sigma in Business Consulting  Learn how forward-thinking companies are adopting Lean Six Sigma techniques to empower and engage employees to continuously improve their working environments and develop a shared sense of purpose. In this session we will provide an overview of Lean Six Sigma - what it is and how these concepts have been used to identify process improvement opportunities in a business consulting environment. 
  • Room 1086    Brian Charbonneau '18  Jersey and JAX-RS implementation Eclipse  The talk will touch on implementing JAX-RS APIs to represent various media types via Jersey, a RESTful web service framework developed by the Oracle Corporation and Eclipse Foundation. I will initially discuss what exactly a RESTful service is, then get into the implementation and applications of Jersey as a RESTful web service. 
  • Room 2084     Patrick Cutno '16  Mobile cell phones have become the standard means of communication in the past 10+ years. So much so, that many people use the word ‘phone’ as a synonym for mobile cell phone. We might take it for granted, but do you know how your phone connects to 4G?
  • Room 2080     Cathy Almquist (CPB)  The application of UV-LEDs for environmental applications  This presentation will review my project(s) in which UV LEDs are light sources for advanced oxidation technologies that are applied to removing contaminants from air and water. Additionally, we will discuss LEDs in general, advanced oxidation technologies in general, and then, my current US EPA P3 project, which is a niche application of UV LEDs and photocatalysis for degrading evaporative fuel vapor emissions from automobiles. 



  • Room 1062   Joslyn Senate Chamber: Steve Mitchell '07   Mastering the "meta" of software development. In many large organizations, the growing number of teams, projects, or code bases create process overhead that lowers productivity and joy. In this talk, we’ll explore some examples of organizations that meta-engineered their processes (with varying degrees of success), and discuss how we can all benefit from this technique.
  • Room 1066  James Orbon '07 and Nick Truster '15   Aerospace Industry Advanced Concepts.  The aviation industry has many examples of multi-disciplinary engineering design considerations and “trade-offs”. Through this presentation, textbook engineering concepts will be presented to show how these engineering theories are applied in Air Force aircraft as well as the design of next generational vertical-lift aircraft for the US Army.
  • Room 1086     Career Panel
  • Room 2084  Rob Graessle '08   How to Build an Autonomous Anything. Autonomous technology will touch nearly every part of our lives, changing the products we build and the way we do business. In this talk, Rob shows you how engineers and scientists are combining these elements to build autonomous technology into their products and services today—to build their autonomous anything.
  • Room 2080   Andrew Paluch (CPB)  Predicting Phase Behavior and Intuitive Solvent Selection using MOSCED



  • Room 1062 Joselyn Senate Chamber Quinn Chaffee '10 Tales from the Wild Wild We(st)b.  The whirlwind of a 10 year journey that started with a lethargic and entitled college student, and travelled through menial employment at a local Panera, to super-green-junior-junior developer, to lead devops engineer, to lead frontend UI developer, culminating in project manager / full stack developer in a company that went from startup, to merger, then back to startup.
  • Room 1066   Mehdi Zanjani Ph.D. (MME) Computational Discovery and Design of Thermal and Optical Metamaterials  The ability to invent and probe materials at the micro and nanoscale has sparked innovative research and provided a diverse platform for developing metamaterials with improved functionality. The focus of this talk is presenting new approaches to design novel micro and nanoscale constructs, predict different material properties and investigate their behavior by taking advantage of multiscale computational models.
  • Room 2084   Career Panel
  • Room 2080   Elliot Cameron Haskell in Business  Haskell is a famous programming language giving rise to numerous concepts that have made their way to mainstream. Ironically, though, Haskell is often viewed as academic and impractical. This talk will show how companies are breaking this stigma and leveraging Haskell's uniqueness to bring real value in fields ranging from cryptocurrency to run-of-the-mill mobile and web apps.