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Tech Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program

Sample Matriculation Plan

This sample matriculation plan demonstrates a recommended progression of courses in both degree programs as well as all Miami plan requirements. Many variants are possible. The designations MP and MPF refer to the general Miami Plan and to the Miami Plan Foundation requirements, respectively.

First Year

First Year

Semester Course Credit Hours
Fall ESP 101 - Entrepreneurship Foundations  1
Fall ESP - 201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship  3
Fall IMS 101 - Introduction to ETBD 1
Fall IMS 105 - Digital Literacy 1
Fall IMS 109 - Digital Ethics 1
Fall IMS 222 - Introduction to Interaction Design and Development (MP V) 3
Fall IMS 254 - Design Principles Applied (MPF IIA) 3
Spring ESP 251 - Value, Creation, and Capture 3
Spring IMS 228 - Collaborative Laboratory 3
Spring IMS 315 - User Experience Research 3
Spring IMS 322 - Intermediate Interaction Design and Development 3
Spring IMS 354 - Intermediate Interaction Design 3

Second Year

Second Year

Semester Course Credit Hours
Fall ESP 252 - Entrepreneurial Mindset: Creativity and Organization 3
Fall IMS 414 - Web and Social Media Analytics 3
Fall IMS 419 - Digital Branding 3
Fall IMS 422 - Advanced Interaction Design and Development 3
Fall IMS 203 - Applied Digital Humanities (MPF IIB) or other MPF IIB course 3
Spring ESP 321 - Startup Entrepreneurship 3
Spring IMS 211 or 212 - Introductions to Game Studies/Design 3
Spring IMS 355 - Principles and Practices of Managing Interactive Projects or
  IMS 421 - Digital Product Management
Spring MPF IIC course 3
Spring Elective 3
Summer European Innovation Academy (Optional) (MPF III) 3

Third Year

Third Year

Semester Course Credit Hours
Fall ESP 331 - Social Entrepreneurship 3
Fall ESP 341 - Corporate Entrepreneurship 3
Fall IMS 224 - Digital Writing and Rhetoric (MPF Advanced Writing) 3
Fall MPF IVA course 3
Fall Elective 3
Winter ESP 399 - Design Your Life 3
Spring ESP 351 - Creative Entrepreneurship 3
Spring ESP 394 - Applied Entrepreneurship: Workforce Preparation 3
Spring ESP 401 - Entrepreneurship: New Ventures 3
Spring MPF IVB course plus lab 4
Spring Elective 3
Summer Altman Summer Internship

Fourth Year

Fourth Year

Semester Course Credit Hours
Fall ESP 461 3
Fall IMS 452 - Senior Project 3
Fall IMS 278 - Digital Innovation Workshop Preparation 1
Fall MPF I course 3
Fall Electives  6
Spring MS 340 - Internship (via SF Digital Innovation or other DI) 8
Spring IMS 440 - Practicum 4
Spring  IMS 397 - Inside the Startup Environment (MPF III) 3

Co-Curricular Experiences

The TechESP Fellowship program comprises both academic and co-curricular learning activities. Many of these activities are available to all Miami University students. However, consistent participation in relevant co-curricular experiences demonstrates a commitment to professional development. This is a defining characteristic of TechESP Fellows and the one that earns the associated badge. *TechESP Fellows are guaranteed admission or acceptance to up to three of these activities. Each year Miami University sponsors activities that support the aims of the program; these include


How long does the TechESP Fellowship program take to complete?
The program is designed to be completed in four years. However, upperclassman may be able to participate with prior progress towards the Emerging Technology and the Entrepreneurship degree requirements.

What makes this program different from merely enrolling in the ETBD major and the Entrepreneurship co-major?
Perhaps the principal distinction is found in co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, many of which are guaranteed, or required, for TechESP Fellows and some of which are not available to other students. Additionally, Fellows progress through the program with a stable cohort of colleagues, which not only improves the quality of team activities but also may lead to enduring professional relationships.

The designation "Tech Entrepreneurship Fellow" on a resume may appeal to prospective employers.

Are there additional costs associated with this program?
Likely TechESP Fellows would incur additional costs associated for participation in co-curricular programs, but these would be the same costs incurred by any Miami University student participating in those programs. Financial aid may be available for these co-curricular experiences.

I'm an upperclassman. Can I still participate?
Upperclassmen are welcome to apply. However, you may not have enough semesters remaining to reap all of the benefits of the program.

I am an international student in the U.S. on a visa. Can I still participate?
Yes. There may be issues with respect to internships and other program requirements that should be cleared before enrolling in the program. In particular, international students need authorization for any off-campus work. Please meet with an International Student Advisor in the International Student and Scholar Services office before applying to the program, and refer to the International Student and Scholar Services website for information.

Do I have to find my own internships? How does the internship interview process work?
The program coordinators and the sponsoring departments assist students in various ways towards finding internships. However, no student can by guaranteed an internship. Generally, students will apply for internships in consultation with staff from the Altman Summer Internship program and from the Digital Innovation program.

I have other questions.
Contact the program manager, Erin Brandyberry (, who will be happy to help you.

Farmer School of Business Department of Entrepreneurship

2078 Farmer School of Business
800 East High Street
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