August Resources and Conversations

Here are August action items, campus resources, conversation starters for you and your student.

Fall semester move in

Fall Move In can feel chaotic, but we’ve got years and years of practice making it run smoothly. Review the Move In page and the logistics will go well. We can’t however, make the emotional part easier, as much as we want to. You and your student should also review the helpful information located in the FAQ section of the Housing website. This site includes additional information useful in preparing your student for their transition to Miami.

Welcome Weekend and First 50 Days

Welcome Weekend refers to the first weekend that all new students are on campus. First 50 Days begins with the first day of classes, and continues through mid-October. These events are designed to provide new students information about opportunities and resources, and connect them with other new students and faculty and staff. To participate and register for events, students should download the Miami University Events App on their phone.

Fall Mega Fair and Getting Involved

Miami University has more than 600 student clubs and organizations, including service organizations, fraternities and sororities, academic and career-focused groups, and special-interest clubs. With so many options available for involvement, your student may find themselves overwhelmed learning about their choices. To discover which student organization(s) may be a good fit, encourage your student to attend Mega Fair and/or to connect with a Student Engagement and Leadership Ambassador.

Communicating with your student

Communicating with your student through their transition to Miami can be a challenge for many families. Below are suggestions for effectively communicating with your student as the semester begins:

  • Discuss expectations for communication early - before they come to campus! This includes:
    • frequency
    • form of communication (phone, text, video call)
    • who will initiate the communication (you or the student)
    • Of course, this is flexible and will change throughout their time at Miami.
  • Try new forms of communication.
  • Ask about your student’s experiences on campus, be open and non-judgmental about their responses. They will likely try many new things, such as joining many organizations, only some of which become a regular part of their time at Miami.

Conversation starters and questions to ask:

  • Have you connected with your roommate yet to both get to know each other and to talk about what they will each bring to the room?
  • What clubs or organizations do you plan to get involved with on campus?
  • When is the next time we will see each other after Move In? Do you plan to come home before Family Weekend?
  • What are your goals for fall semester (and this year) and how do you want us to hold you accountable for reaching those goals?