February Resources and Conversations

Here are February action items, campus resources, conversation starters for you and your student.

Winter Blues

As February arrives, winter has been with us for some months and can feel never-ending for some. Around this time, students may feel the effects of the long blue (or gray) winter and are eager for warmer weather. This is a great time to check in with your student. Reviewing the Dimensions of Wellness may help you formulate questions specific to your student.

Spring Break

With March approaching, Spring Break is often on the minds of students. Spring Break is a time for students to take a break from academics and begin to prepare for the end of the semester. Encourage your student to take a pause from school work and connect with their friends and family.

2nd year Housing Process

As students get closer to the end of their first year, questions about where to live for their second year become popular on campus. There are many options available for your student, which can be found on the Second Year Housing site. As a reminder, Miami has a two year live-on requirement for students.


If you have a student graduating, this is the time more specific Commencement information is usually available to help you plan your student’s (and family's) special day. Visit the Commencement site for more information.

Conversation starters and questions to ask:

  • What are your plans for Spring Break next month?
  • (Particularly for first-year students)Do you have a plan for housing next year on campus?
  • How are you being intentional about your wellness?