Master of Science in Kinesiology and Health, Exercise and Health Science Concentration

Program Focus

The Exercise and Health Science area of study is designed to provide breadth and depth of knowledge in the physiological and psychological functioning of human beings under a variety of environmental, nutritional, and activity conditions.

Coursework emphasizes the health benefits and consequences of regular physical activity on physiological, cellular, and motor integrity. Assessments of cardiovascular and respiratory fitness using graded exercise stress tests are routinely performed. Metabolic, blood lipid, and blood pressure measures, electrocardiography, electromyography, video motion measurement, and ground reaction force measurements are other commonly used assessments.

Targeted Careers

Career positions targeted by the Exercise and Health Science program include research and teaching positions in university settings, allied health positions in clinics or laboratories (e.g., cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, bariatric surgery, diabetes management), health and fitness specialists, strength and conditioning specialists, fitness directors, personal trainers, coaching, and positions in companies that develop, test, market and sell health/fitness and performance related products.

Course Requirements