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Continuing Graduate Status (CGS)

What is Continuing Graduate Status (CGS)?

Continuing Graduate Status (CGS) is the type of admission required for anyone who wishes to take graduate-level coursework at Miami University without pursuing a graduate degree. It does not qualify or pre-qualify a student for future admission to either the AIP or the GFP.

Is there a minimum GPA that is required for CGS admission?

No. Applicants must have earned a U.S.-equivalent bachelor’s degree in order to be admitted as a CGS student, but transcripts are not submitted as part of the application and there is no minimum GPA requirement.

Are CGS students eligible for federal financial aid?

No. Only degree-seeking students are eligible for federal financial aid.

Can courses taken as a CGS student be applied toward my requirements for the AIP or the GFP if I join the master’s program?

Yes. Up to 10 credits of coursework taken as a CGS student (one 7-credit hour Earth Expeditions global field course OR 7 credits of Web+ Courses + one 3-credit hour Web Course) may be applied toward your AIP or GFP degree requirements provided you have:

  1. been accepted to the master’s program.
  2. participated in the master’s program for at least one semester.
  3. received a grade of “B” or better in your transferred course(s).
  4. registered for and received academic credit for the course through Miami University.
  5. taken the course within 5 years of your projected graduation date for the master’s.
  6. completed the Request to Dragonfly Graduate Committee form.

Will taking one or more courses as a CGS student increase the likelihood of admission to either the AIP or GFP?

Possibly. While CGS admission does not qualify or pre-qualify a student for degree admission, it provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to excel in online graduate-level coursework generally and Dragonfly coursework specifically.

Taking coursework as a CGS student can be especially beneficial for prospective AIP or GFP applicants whose cumulative undergraduate GPAs are below the Miami University Graduate School’s minimum of 2.75. Individual departments have the opportunity to petition for conditional admission for applicants with sub-2.75 GPAs if they are otherwise impressed by their credentials. Taking CGS coursework provides our faculty and staff with first-hand knowledge of the student and their ability to succeed in graduate level coursework — this can go a long way toward strengthening a petition for conditional admission.

Are references required as part of my CGS application?


I mistakenly submitted my application as a degree-seeking applicant rather than a CGS applicant. Can the Graduate School just use that instead?

Possibly. Please reach out directly to the Graduate School at to see whether this may be done.

Is there a limit to the number of courses/credit hours I may take as a CGS student?

No, but remember, a maximum of 10 may be applied to either the AIP or GFP degree program (one 7-credit hour Earth Expeditions global field course OR 7 credits of Web+ Courses + one 3-credit hour Web Course).