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This policy governs the external support of University groups and activities through financial and in-kind donations (Sponsorships.) 
Alcohol and University Property
This policy governs the sale and use of alcohol on University owned property and by campus groups.
Non-research Animals on Campus
This policy governs the presence of non-research animals on University property. Non-research animals are generally prohibited on Miami University campuses. Dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals are not permitted in student residence halls and apartments, academic buildings, or other University-owned and University-controlled buildings unless specifically permitted by the policy.
Use of Bicycles and Personal Transportation Devices
This policy governs the possession and use of bicycles, Segways, hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, and other similar types of personal transportation devices in and on University property.
Buildings and Grounds
This policy limits the use of University property to the purposes for which they have been designated. The policy also address the maintenance of University property and installation of cameras in University owned property. The policy prohibits the use of state owned equipment or facilities for any kind of non-sanctioned private instruction or other type of non-sanctioned private enterprise.
Law and Order
This policy dedicates the buildings, grounds, and other property of the University to the educational mission of the University and reserves the use of the buildings, grounds, and other property of the University for the direct and indirect support of the teaching, research, and service missions; of University administrative functions; and of student campus-life activities.
Signs, Posters and Banners
This policy governs the placement of signs, posters or banners on University property by students and employees.
Use of University Property
This policy governs the use of University property by Sponsoring Organizations.  In addition to the requirements of this policy, there are special rules for Campus Events whose size or complexity requires additional planning and safeguards.  Sponsoring Organizations should also review the Campus Events Policy to determine whether these additional requirements apply.
Public Speaking, Leaflet Distribution, and Demonstrations
This policy governs public speaking, leaflet distribution and demonstrations on University property.
Campus Events
This policy defines and governs the use of campus property for Campus Events hosted by Sponsoring Organizations on campus. For purposes of this policy, a Campus Event is any planned gathering including but not limited to celebrations, dances, lectures, forums, performances, demonstrations, social gatherings, concerts, speaker presentations, and conferences that meet the criteria set forth in this policy.
This policy limits access to University properties to authorized personnel; requires a current inventory of keys issued to authorized personnel; and requires that keys be returned from those who are no longer authorized to have them.
Weather and Other Emergency Closing Procedures
This policy governs weather and other emergency closing procedures.
Minors on Campus
This policy governs the presence of minors on University property and their participation in University sponsored activities.
Unmanned Aircraft System (Drones and Model Aircraft)
This policy governs the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems, including drones and model aircraft, on University property and in University airspace.
Reporting Romantic and Sexual Relationships in the Supervisory Setting
This policy prohibits employees and graduate students from exercising supervisory or academic authority or other University responsibility or authority over persons with whom they have a romantic or sexual relationship. Academic authority includes assigning grades, serving as an academic adviser, sitting on a thesis or dissertation committee, or otherwise exercising decision-making power that affects an academic record, academic benefits, or progress toward graduation.