December Resources and Conversations

Here are December action items, campus resources, conversation starters for you and your student.

Final Exams

Final Exam Week at Miami is a crucial time for your student to wrap up the semester. Exam schedules are published by the University Registrar, and may differ from your student’s normal class times. Final exam times are also usually listed on the syllabus for each course. To view the overall final exam schedule or solve a conflict related to overlapping exams or too many exams in one day, direct your student to the One Stop.

Finals support resources

There are multiple resources for your student during finals. Students should pay attention to events occurring in their residence hall and at the Armstrong Student Center, and they can also visit the HUB to view activities hosted on campus.

Winter Break Safety Tips

Most students will be away from Oxford for 5-6 weeks. We want them to take several (mostly common-sense) steps to protect themselves and their belongings while away. We've got two pages with break safety information:

Visit both of these and send the links to your student!

Greek life: Fraternities and sororities

Social Greek-letter organizations have a strong tradition at Miami, with almost fifty chapters on campus. Students are eligible to join a fraternity and sorority in the spring semester of their first year and recruitment registration opens in December. For more information, visit the Fraternity and Sorority Life site.

Winter Term

Miami's Winter Term is a short, optional inter-session term each January. Students often take advantage of this time to do what is not as easy to do during a fall or spring semester, such as taking a class they know will be difficult, working to earn some money, shadowing someone in their potental field of interest, or studying abroad. Visit the Winter Term site for additional information about options. Whatever your student does, making sure they are engaged with something will make the next few weeks at home much more pleasant for everyone.

Conversation starters and questions to ask:

  • Do you know when all your final exams are and when final assignments are due? What is your plan to successfully complete them?
  • What items do you plan to bring home for Winter Break and Winter Term? Have you started packing?
  • What are your plans for Winter Term in January? Will you take a class, work, shadow a professional in your career field of interest? How can I help you with this plan?
  • Are you considering joining a fraternity or sorority? What research have you done to help you decide?