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Meal Plans

New Meal Plan Option for 17-18!

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We are excited to offer Diplomat Plus, a new meal plan level which will provide 7 buffet meals per week, along with $1,100 in dining dollars.  This new option was designed with the help of our Student Dining Committee!  Check out our 2017-18 Meal Plan page for details.

Meal plans at Miami provide flexibility and value to match our students’ needs. They are flexible, transparent, and simple to use! Our Diplomat Meal Plans are a combination of buffet meals plus declining balance dollars. Learn more about your meal plan options below, and also be sure to explore dining options in the Places to Eat section. 

Meal plans are available to all Miami University students. To ensure a great dining experience, we maintain a database with over 5,000 recipes. Menus include a wide variety of freshly prepared and made-to-order items that have become Miami’s hallmark. Many of the items served are prepared from scratch daily in our kitchens or our Demske Culinary Support Center.

View our meal plan options for the current year, as well as next year!

Check Your Meal Plan Balance

Each time you use your meal plan, your account balance is displayed at the register. Logging into MyCard allows you to view your balance online. WebCard Center lets you view itemized purchase lists and sign up for low account balance notifications.

To view itemized purchase list:

  1. Log into WebCard Center using your UniqueID and password
  2. Click Spending History
  3. Adjust the date range to match the spending history timeline you wish to view
  4. Click View History

To sign up for low account balance notifications:

  1. Log into WebCard Center using your UniqueID and password
  2. Click Notification Preferences
  3. Check that your contact information is up to date, email & phone
  4. Under Daily Alerts select When my balance drops below
  5. Customize where you want the notification to be sent and at what balance you wish to be notified

Add Money to Your Meal Plan

If at any point during the semester your declining balance gets low, funds can be added online using MyCard. Authorized guest payers may add money online by following the instructions on the One Stop website.

To add money via MyCard:

  1. Log in to MyCard using your UniqueID and password
  2. Click My Meal Plan
  3. Select your desired meal plan addition amount
  4. Click Submit Changes