Health and Well-being
Miami proudly works to sustain and enhance health and well-being throughout our community.

Environmental, social, occupational, financialEmotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical

Students relaxing in hammocks


These students are taking full advantage of this sunny February weather! #MiamiOH #hammock

A student throws a frisbee with his border collie on cook field


Happy March 1st! Spring is right around the corner. ☀️🌸🍃(Photo: @itsjessethebordercollie) #MiamiOH #spring #campus #sunset #ohio #bordercollie

A group exercise class wearing glowing clothes and accessories exercise under a blacklight.


Thank you to everybody who came out and made Light Up the Night such an awesome experience. A big thank you to our special guest @RenateJCrawford for joining us in all the fun and helping us start the spring semester off on the right foot. #miamioh

Post-it notes with encouraging phrases: Today is your day! Happiness isn't size specific. Get it. You are amazing, remember that. Inhale confidence exhale doubt. You are enough.


"You are enough." Words of inspiration at @miamirecsports during #itsMoreThanAWorkOut week. #MiamiOH (photo: @laurasmithauthor)

A group os students doing a team hand-stack


"Thank you to all of Miami & Oxford who supported the "Out of the Darkness Walk," raising awareness and funds for suicide prevention." (Photo: Pres Greg) #MiamiOH #suicideprevention

Ivy, a golden retriever, wears glasses and sits in a pile of books.


"Ivy is finishing up her first semester @miamiuniversity. For those of you still studying for #MiamiOHFinals, you’ve got this; for those returning home, safe travels; and for all graduating, congratulations #MiamiOHGrad. #LoveAndHonor” (Photo: Renate Crawford)

Two students studying outside of MacCracken Hall


74°F in February? We'll take it. Get outside and enjoy some sunshine today! #MiamiOH #Ohio #OhioWeather

7 Apps to keep your mind and body healthy


We found seven apps that will help you keep your mind and body healthy this semester! #MiamiOH #HealthyMiamiOH

Fitness 4 Life

Participants in a lunchtime yoga class stretching out on their mats

Offered through Miami's Benefits and Wellness program, Healthy Miami, free "Fitness 4 Life" classes and access to the Phillips Hall fitness center are available for all faculty and staff, regardless of their participation in Miami's health plan.

How familiar are you with the Fitness 4 Life program? Take our quiz and find out!

5 (of 10) Tips for Financial Wellness

Are you a recent college graduate? Even if you've been out of school for years, you will find these tips useful for maintaining a healthy financial lifestyle:

1. Live within your means.
2. Use a cash flow management tool available on many bank websites or use, Personal Capital or YNAB (You Need A Budget).
3. Make your financial decisions represent your personal values. Prioritize.
4. Be charitable, but have a plan.
5. Minimize debt and watch recurring expenses.

For more information on these tips and others, see Ten tips for financial wellness: Pack your lunch, really.

Fitness Secrets of Miami's Musicians

Active Campus

 students dancing in a group fitness class

The Rec Center offers 80+ group fitness classes each week.

 students running on treadmills

Each treadmill at the Rec averages 10 hours of use a day.

 student doing a push-up

The Rec Center offers personal training packages for members and non-members.

 an instructor leading a spinning class

An estimated 60-70% of all students have participated in a Rec Center class or program.

faculty and staff participating in a fitness class

Nearly 2,000 faculty and staff members used the Phillips Hall fitness center during Fall 2017.

 students and staff using various machines at the Rec

The Rec Center welcomed 50,000 visitors in October 2017.

 student climbing the rock wall

The Outdoor Pursuit Center offers a climbing wall, bouldering cave, and ropes course.

student making a shot on goal during a broomball game

More than 1,500 club athletes participate on 54 club teams.

 students running on the track

An average of 7,720 people use the Fitness Center at the Rec every week.

student shooting a basketball

3,500 athletes participate on 800 intramural teams.

 female student lifting a barbell

There are 8,850 pounds of dumbbells at the Rec Center.

Scripps Gerontology Center: Opening Minds Through Art

A young man and older woman are seated at a table, gazing at an art project that the young man is holding up.

OMA is implemented in group sessions. Up to 12 people with dementia work with trained volunteers on a one-to-one basis.

An older man and a younger man, both wearing artist's aprons, are seated together in front of a colorful art project that the older man is creating

Now implemented in senior care facilities internationally, OMA has won several state and national awards.

A young woman, an older man, and an older woman smile as they look at artwork and photos together

OMA artists rely on their imagination and strengths rather than memory or other lost skills to create beautiful art.

Dr. Lokon and a young woman smile as they chat with an older woman

Dr. Elizabeth Lokon founded OMA in Miami’s Scripps Gerontology Center in 2007.

A male and female student flank an older woman as they examine an oblong art project together

OMA helps participants see aging and memory loss in a new light.

A young woman and an older woman smile as they look at a tablet computer screen together

Gallery exhibitions celebrate the artists’ accomplishments and educate the public about the creative capacities of people with dementia.

Take a Hike

The Miami University Natural Areas are located around the campus and comprise over 1,000 acres with 17 miles of hiking trails. You can enjoy the natural areas in many ways: hike, jog, research, birdwatch, dog walk, explore, learn, discover, meditate, or “just be”.

Explore the natural areas

Outdoor Pursuit Center

The Outdoor Pursuit Center offers Miami University students, staff, faculty and the Oxford community adventure trips, study abroad/away opportunities, and youth programming.

Learn more about the OPC


Tess Cassidy graduated early to hike the 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail before starting a new job. Jackson Gray and two friends paddled all 981 miles of the Ohio River in a canoe and kayak to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention.

Follow their journeys

3500 athletes participate in Miami's 800 intramural teams.
 In 2017 Late Night Miami offered 123 programs and events
An estimated 60-70% of students have participated in Rec Center programming.
 1500 athletes participate in Miami's 54 club sports teams.
 Miami University Natural areas boast over 17 miles of hiking trails.
 25% of annual dining budget spent on local products.