What Our Students Say

  • Mallory Waters

    Mallory Waters

    Social Work major

    "I get asked quite often, ‘Why did you choose social work?’ Well, social work chose me and I have Miami University to thank for allowing that passion to further develop…

    “Whether it is the supportive faculty, challenge to think beyond the classroom, or just a sense of ‘home,’ Miami’s department of social work and family studies has been one of the most rewarding experiences on my journey thus far. Do not hesitate to explore the broad field of Social Work and the many opportunities it can offer—you will be amazed!"

  • Bria Howard

    Bria Howard

    Family Studies major

    "I chose the family studies major because it was applicable to real life situations. All of the classes that you have to take within the major relate to some sort of everyday life. It’s not material that you remember just to pass the test..."

    “It's engaging and makes you think! This major has also challenged me to think of families on a broader spectrum, and learn how to help and guide families to resources that they need to function. Also the professors and faculty are awesome! They want you to succeed and will work with you to make sure it happens!”

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