English News Spotlights

  • OxMag

    Miami's Graduate Literary Journal Celebrates 30 Years

    OXFORD MAGAZINE's 30th Anniversary Issue features the work of alumni and friends of the Creative Writing Program. The issue includes work by Bret Anthony Johnston, Erica Bernheim, Megan Giddings, Nora Bonner, Daniel Jones, Darren Demaree, Chris Michel, Jim Reiss, Brenna York, Tony Ramstetter and many others. It is dedicated to the late Debbie Morner.
  • Comp/Rhet PhD Alums Win Prestigious Awards

    2006 PhD alum Jay Dolmage's book, Disability Rhetoric (based on his dissertation directed by Professor Cindy Lewiecki-Wilson), won a first place PROSE award in the Language and Linguistics category from the American Association of Publishers and was listed as an honorable mention for the overall Humanities award. Dolmage currently teaches at the University of Waterloo as associate professor of English. 

    2014 PhD alum Chanon Adsanatham, was unanimously selected as the recipient of the 2015 CCCC James Berlin Memorial Outstanding Dissertation Award. Adsanatham's dissertation, “Civilized" Manners and Bloody Splashing: Recovering Conduct Rhetoric in the Thai Rhetorical Tradition, not only introduces composition and rhetoric scholars to the concept of kaya karma or conduct rhetoric, but it also develops a new hybrid theory aimed to understand the political role that conduct rhetoric played in the “in-between” national history of Siam to present-day Thailand. His study, quoting from the selection committee's statement, is "meticulously conducted and presented, and the implications -- for teaching and for theoretical understandings of rhetorical traditions across nations and cultures -- are significant and wide-reaching." Adsanatham currently teaches at the University of Maryland as assistant professor of English.

  • Winter Term 2015

    Winter Term Program Highlights Literature and Culture of Paris

    Seventeen Miami University students had the opportunity to study in the heart of the City of Lights as part of the inaugural Paris: Cultural Capital Winter Term program in January of 2015. Students were enrolled in both English professor Katie Johnson’s ENG 163: Midnight in Paris and French professor Elisabeth Hodges’ FRE 131.
  • Cary Holladay

    Visiting Writer Reprises Role as Instructor of Creative Writing Course

    Professor Cary Holladay of the University of Memphis’ MFA program in creative writing returned to Miami University in mid-March to reprise her role as the instructor of the annual week-long course for graduate students.

  • Winter Term 2015

    Winter Term Program in Italy Incites the Senses

    This past winter term, Miami University English professor Jason Palmeri, and Italian professor Daniele Fioretti taught a study abroad program that allowed students to experience Italy with all their senses — and write about it, too.
  • Off-Campus Internships Give PW Students an Edge

    The Miami University Professional Writing Program encourages its students to engage in experiences that will strengthen and enrich their rhetorical knowledge and writing skills outside the classroom. Throughout their time at Miami in the PW program, students LaQues Harrison, Cynthia Marcinek and Allie Davis participated in several off-campus internships that helped give them an edge in a highly competitive job market. 

  • Beyond Bachelor Hall Panel Discussion

    Spotlight on English Careers: Beyond Bachelor Hall

    This year’s Beyond Bachelor Hall event featured five professionals who began their careers in the same situation as their listeners – as English undergraduates. The panelists represented an array of careers from textbook publishing and marketing, to academic administration, book sales, and ESL. 

  • Negotiating the Distance: Miami's Annual Translation Symposium

    The Creative Writing Program’s recent symposium on Literature in Translation focused on the translation practices, scholarship, and creative work of writer-translators Kazim Ali, Philip Metres, and Nathanaël.
  • Literary London

    London Study Abroad Experience Enhances Students’ Love of Literature

    Miami University’s Literary London program, a summer study abroad opportunity dedicated to introducing students to the abundant literary culture and history in that city, is an experience that cannot be duplicated by a mere vacation. For six weeks, it places students in the heart of a city where writers and literary enthusiasts have been flocking for centuries, which impresses any student with an interest in literature.

International Programs

  • Luxembourg

    The Miami University John E. Dolibois Center (MUDEC) in Luxembourg provides students with the opportunity to study and live in a vibrant European setting. Summer, semester, and year-long programs are available. 

  • Literary London

    Explore the literature, history, and culture of one of the world’s greatest metropolitan cities through the Literary London program. This six-week, 7-credit summer experience is open to all majors.
  • SYSU Partnerships

    The Department of English offers two academic programs: a 3+1 Undergraduate Program and a 1+1 Graduate Program in close partnership with Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China.

Recent Faculty Publications

  • Eating Asian America

    Eating Asian America: A Food Studies Reader

    Associate Professor Anita Mannur's co-edited collection, Eating Asian America "is the first collection to consider the fraught itineraries of Asian American immigrant histories and how they are inscribed in the production and dissemination of ideas about Asian American foodways" (NYU Press).

  • Comparative Rhetoric

    Comparative Rhetoric: Traversing Rhetorical Times, Places, and Spaces

    Professor LuMing Mao edited this collection of essays published this year by Routledge. "By turning attention to how histories of cross-border and cross-cultural contacts mobilize different conditions of possibility and engagement, this collection of essays by established and emergent scholars develops a range of new approaches to comparative rhetorical studies in our age of globalization."

  • Field Notes from the Earthbound

    A debut novel from John Mauk, Visiting Assistant Professor of Composition and Rhetoric. "Cursed by tenderhearted witches, saved by Nazarene healers, and haunted by brazen lunatics, the characters in Field Notes for the Earthbound yearn to escape the relentless horizon of Northwestern Ohio" (Black Lawrence Press). 

  • Reading Chinese Fortune Cookie

    Reading Chinese Fortune Cookie: The Making of Chinese American Rhetoric

    In this Chinese edition of Reading Chinese Fortune Cookie, Professor LuMing Mao discusses the rhetoric of Chinese American speakers, which has wide implications for the teaching of writing in English and for our understanding of cross-cultural influences in discourse.

  • Yu-Fang Cho

    Uncoupling American Empire: Cultural Politics of Deviance and Unequal Difference, 1890-1910

    Associate Professor Yu-Fang Cho looks at how the institutionalization of marriage shaped imagined relationships among working people in her book, Uncoupling American Empire.