Brian Albrecht, Architecture, "Sustainable Economics: An Investigation in Cost Effective Sustainable Design Strategies"

2011 Graduate Research Forum Top Oral Presentation 


Brian Albrecht, a Miami University graduate Architecture student, received recognition as one of the top Oral Presentations at the 2011 Miami University Graduate Research Forum for the presentation of his work "Sustainable Economics: An Investigation in Cost Effective Sustainable Design Strategies."  The study was an investigation into the most effective types of sustainability options used to not only save energy, but also cost.  Albrecht explored the efficiency of the most prevalent and widely used wind turbines and solar panels but also expanded his research to include alternatives such as super insulation and triple pane windows.  "It is usually assumed that implementing sustainable initiatives will add significant cost to an organization" said Albrecht.  "I wanted to further explore cost-effective options that won't break the bank."

Albrecht completed his undergraduate degree in architecture at the University of Illinois in May 2010 before pursuing his master's degree at Miami.  His work in architecture, specifically sustainabledesign, was influenced by his experience as part of his family's construction business where clients increasingly began to ask for more sustainable options when building or renovating.

Under the guidance of faculty advisor Scott Johnston, Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture, Albrecht conducted interviews with industry professionals and researched sustainable methods from around the world.  Work involving sustainable design initiatives has become greatly valued in the industry and his findings will contribute to further studies involving energy-conscious development.  Albrecht hopes to continue his work in this area, exploring career options with design firms that specialize in sustainable initiatives after receiving his degree from Miami.