Myaamia Heritage Logo

The Myaamia Heritage Logo symbolizes the unique relationship between the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University. The design is a reference to Myaamia ribbonwork, a traditional Miami Tribe art form.

Explore the elements of this symbol and learn about how a seemingly simple symbol embodies an entire relationship.

An example of tending the fire of our relationship, the process of collaborating to design this symbol reflects the close partnership between the University and Tribe.

Video: Developing the Myaamia Heritage Logo
by Alyse Capaccio


Ribbonwork symbol

This ribbonwork pattern uses two large geometric diamonds (the left represents the Miami Tribe and the right represents Miami University) extending on either side of a central diamond that represents the space where these two connect with a shared vision, a sense of cooperation and a deep respect for the reciprocal learning that results.

A red circle inside of a white diamond

The red dot at the center of the shared space represents fire (koteewi), a symbol of the warmth of this partnership and a recognition of the shared responsibility needed to "tend the fire" necessary to  continue nurturing this relationship for future growth.

horizontal black kite shape

Black stands for depth of time, earned respect, accumulated cultural wisdom and recognizes the tribe’s deep ties to their historical homelands.

White diamond

White is the area of connection and collaboration. It represents a shared clarity of vision, cooperation, and respectful learning from each other.

horizontal red kite shape

Red stands for responsibility, sacrifice, and a commitment to gain and share knowledge.


This year holds special significance: Miami Tribe Chief Forest Olds visited Miami University unexpectedly, forging the first connection between the Tribe and University.

Myaamia Heritage Turtle

Trademarked Myaamia Heritage Turtle mark

The Myaamia Heritage Turtle, centered around the Myaamia Heritage Logo, also represents the unique relationship between the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University. A secondary mark to the Myaamia Heritage Logo, the symbol features elements which unite culture and tradition for both the Tribe and the University.

The turtle has cultural significance to the Miami Tribe and appears on several Tribal symbols, including the Tribal seal. The turtle has traditional significance to Miami University students who seek good luck by touching the heads of copper turtles at the base of the sundial statue. The sundial image is also incorporated on the turtle’s back.

Around the turtle design, the words "myaamia" and "miami" highlight both the Tribe and the University.

From the Designers

Alyse Capaccio

Alyse Capaccio

“I'm honored to have been able to play a role in the development of this program. I enjoyed collaborating with Julie to develop a mark in which every detail is meaningful, and that resonates with both the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University. I am very happy with the final marks that communicate the shared vision and respect of the partnership, and I’m excited for Miami students to learn more about this relationship."

Julie Olds

Julie Olds

“As Cultural Resource Officer for the Miami Tribe, it was important to me to create a graphic that would be visually representative of the relationship, to take care to develop an image with embedded and deep meaning that would perpetually reflect the importance of the relationship to both entities. The colors, the shapes, and the placement of shapes within the created graphic all have specific meaning that articulates, in its translation, the responsibility of each partner and essential mutual reciprocity of the ongoing partnership."