What Our Students Say

  • Brianna Lipscomb

    Brianna Lipscomb

    SLAM major

    "I had a passion for sports but no idea how I could turn that into a career after graduation. That's when I found the Sport Leadership and Management (SLAM) major the second semester of my freshmen year...

    “SLAM is a great mix of the business aspect of sport as well as the culture sport creates. It has helped me develop the necessary leadership skills I'll need to be successful in any sport industry career. SLAM is perfect for me and I'm so thankful Miami has knowledgeable professors to help guide me in my education and on to my career path."

  • Alex Wold

    Alex Wold

    Athletic Training major

    "I chose to go into athletic training because I love sports, I've been around them my whole life, and love being able to help an athlete get back to achieving their goals after an injury...

    "At Miami, I have been working with our various intercollegiate teams since my sophomore year and have had a ton of hands on learning and great professional experiences. It's one thing to learn about injuries and special tests in the classroom, but it is even better when you are out at practice seeing the injury that was discussed in class occur right in front of you and the steps that happen after an injury occurs.

    "Now as an athletic training student, I haven't exactly had the typical college experience. During the week I not only have class and homework, but practice with a team as well which can sometimes include traveling or weekend games. Although it is a big time commitment and I have more responsibilities than other students, the opportunities and professional experiences I have had are priceless and have put me in a great place to succeed after I graduate in May and start working as a graduate assistant athletic trainer with a brand new D1 football program in Georgia. Just have to pass my certification exam first."

  • Michelle Perry

    Michelle Perry

    Athletic Training major

    "As someone that came into college with a strong desire to get involved in the medical field and an equally strong passion for sports, athletic training has given me the best of both worlds...

    Not only am I gaining hands-on experience with Division-1 athletes, but I’m also learning how to become a medical professional everyday in the training room.

    Athletic training is such a unique major because the time spent on the field and in the training room is sometimes far more valuable than anything you can learn in the classroom.

    Throughout my time as an athletic training major thus far, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of Miami University athletic teams in addition to spending a semester at a high school. One of my favorite aspects about my major are the strong relationships that I’ve built with the Certified Athletic Trainers at Miami and the tight-knit group of athletic training students that have become some of my best friends.

     A few more facts about me:

    • President, Miami University Student Athletic Training Association (MUSATA)
    • Newcomer of the Year, 2013, Miami University Athletic Training Education Program
    • Qualifier for the Boston Marathon
  • Anjali Naik

    Anjali Naik

    Kinesiology major

    "I am a senior kinesiology major and I absolutely love it! Coming into college, I knew I wanted to go to medical school, but I did not want to take the typical route and be a zoology or biology major...

    Kinesiology has given me many hands-on experiences, which I will be able to practice in my future profession. Besides having a lot of anatomy classes (which I love), being in this major has opened up my opportunities to participate in research as well. Finally, the faculty is always willing to help students out in any way possible!"

  • Kelsey Barnes

    Kelsey Barnes

    Health Promotion major

    "I have always been passionate about health and wellness, which led me to pursue a major in health promotion. Throughout the past 4 years I have learned more about the importance of health than I ever thought was possible...

    ”The professors I had prepared me to take what I have learned with me into the real world, and I feel confident to chase my dream of a future career in the health field. I would not change anything about my experience at Miami, especially my decision to be a health promotion major."

  • Emmanuel Caster

    Emmanuel Caster

    Kinesiology major

    "Coming into Miami I had no idea what kinesiology was. After doing some research on the major, I realized that it was just right for me...

    “I love learning about the biomechanics of the human body and this major allows me to learn and experience it through many different--and exciting--classes. After I graduate, I've got my sights set on becoming a physician's assistant."

  • Cami Gilman

    Cami Gilman

    Nutrition major

    "I love dietetics! I couldn't dream up a major that fits me better. I'm really into fitness and health, but even more than that I just love food! Working in the food lab, we get to make delicious treats that are good for you too…

    Then in our other classes we learn about how and why they are good for you. There are so many job opportunities for Dietetics majors - from being a Registered Dietician to working in culinary arts. Right now, I'm looking to go to culinary school after graduation."

  • Matthew Gingras

    Matthew Gingras

    Kinesiology major

    “Choosing to be a kinesiology major was the best decision I have made since choosing to come to Miami University. The professors are all extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and best of all approachable...

    ”They have a great diversity of backgrounds and are always willing to offer you advice about both class and future endeavors. There are also just enough students in the KNH major so over the four years at Miami you become very close to your classmates which makes studying for exams, doing group projects, and filling out graduate school applications much easier."

    A few more facts about me:

    • Member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity
    • Former Vice President of the Interfraternity Council
    • Currently a student manager at the Rec Center
    • Studied abroad twice with Dr. Mark Walsh of the KNH department: once to the Himalayas and Mt. Everest Base Camp, and a second time to Machu Picchu."
  • Aishah Newson

    Aishah Newson

    Health Promotion major

    "I chose to be a health promotion major because I have always had a passion for the field of health and fitness. I felt that Health Promotion would be a great compliment to this and it has turned out to be such a great experience for me…

    “The KNH department has provided me with the knowledge that I need to be able to go out into the field and gain some real world experience. Now that it is my last year here at Miami, I wouldn't change anything about choosing to be a Health Promotion Major. I absolutely love it!"

    A few more facts about me:

    • Group Fitness Instructor at Miami Rec & on Lead Staff
    • Volunteer Youth Basketball Coach
    • Study Abroad in Australia with Dr. Massie. In addition to my studies, I also went sky-diving in Australia!

    Interning at the YMCA in Hamilton with the Executive Director of Healthy Living & Marketing

  • Scarlett Shader

    Scarlett Shader

    Health Promotion & Kinesiology major

    "I chose health promotion to be a second major during the second semester of my sophomore year. I thought it went along really well with my kinesiology major and getting the classes done in time to graduate was really do-able since a lot of them overlapped...

    “I hope to go to physician assistant school and focus on educating my patients about a healthy lifestyle to prevent sickness and injury. Health promotion and the classes I have taken in the field give me the tools I'll need to do this."

    A few more facts about me:

    • I am a research assistant for Dr. Rose Marie Ward in a health psychology research lab through the KNH department.
    • I am the current PR chair and incoming president of Colleges Against Cancer here on campus.
    • I am currently working at Elements Wellness center as an intern in Hamilton. I spend about 5 hours a week working hands on with the clients using things I learned in Dr. Timmerman's "exercise prescription" class. I also get academic credit that counts for my Health Promotions major!
    • This summer I will be interning at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, working with patients and gaining experience in order to apply to physician assistant schools.
  • Ellen Swary

    Ellen Swary

    Nutrition major

    "I have always been actively involved in preparing meals with my family and knew that I wanted to go into a field where I could help improve the health of others. Combined with my love for chemistry and other sciences, I decided on pursuing a major in dietetics, where I have been exposed to a variety of experiences."

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Student Spotlight

  • Andrew Boylan

    Andrew Boylan

    Senior Sport Leadership and Management (SLAM) student Andrew Boylan volunteered with Project Béisbol’s International Sports Leadership Program located in Bogotá, Colombia. Project Béisbol is a non-profit organization that provides equipment and training support to baseball and softball programs for children in vulnerable communities in Latin America. Read more.

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Alumni Highlights

  • Taylor Pond

    Taylor Pond

    "The professors are highly dedicated to teaching the students in a way that is practical, ultimately giving the students the tools they need..."

    Dietetics alumna Taylor Pond is a Senior Kitchen Assistant at America's Test Kitchen. Read more about how Taylor discovered her passion as a College of Education, Health & Society student.

  • Christopher Fields

    Christopher Fields

    "Miami’s dietetic program is second to none. I believe I was very prepared for my internship and have a solid foundation for my career."

    Find out how KNH's Dietetics program prepared Christopher Fields, RDN, LD for a position as a Clinical Dietitian in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital.

  • Kristen Stoehr

    Kristen Stoehr

    "Miami afforded me broad exposure to many facets of my future profession and the small classroom size allowed me to closely interact with both my professors and classmates."

    Associate Brand Manager for Nestle Kristen Stoehr discusses how her time as an EHS student paved the way for an exciting career path. Read more.

  • Rachel Dillhoff

    Rachel Dillhoff

    "I think it is neat that I was preparing for my current role without even realizing it!"

    Department of Kinesiology & Health alumna Rachel Dillhoff works as a Wellness Coordinator and makes a huge difference in her community. Read more.