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Department of Management

We emphasize excellence in course content and teaching methods in our programs: experiential learning, client-based class structures, and real-world problem-solving are important tools that we use to shape our students into career-minded, successful individuals. We are proud of the national attention these efforts have attracted.

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Our Majors

Human Capital Management and Leadership

The Human Capital Management & Leadership (HCML) major prepares students to help organizations handle the complex challenges of attracting, developing, and retaining top talent to create sustainable competitive advantage. A majority of almost every company’s budget is invested in its people. Companies that understand who and how to hire, how to engage and lead their talent successfully, and how to ethically manage the rapidly changing landscape around globalization, diversity, and change are the organizations that thrive. Our graduates emerge prepared to help top companies meet these challenges.

Supply Chain and Operations Management

There is not a company in the world that doesn’t require its operations and supply chain to successfully execute its strategy and deliver on promises to customers, whether they produce products, provide services, or both. Supply chain and operations management involve managing people, products, services, and processes involved from the point of supply through the point of consumption—including operations, logistics, inventory management, demand and supply coordination, strategic sourcing, quality management and control, and more.

Management Minors

The Department of Management offers three minors: Management and Leadership, Management, and Supply Chain Management

Management and Leadership

Management of people and organizations is a broadly transferable skill which will help any major supervise others, integrate diverse individuals and diverse functions, and develop successful individuals and teams to meet organizational goals.


This program is designed to provide non-business students with a broad understanding of the concept of Management.  It is designed specifically for majors in College of Arts and Science, School of Education, Health and Society, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. It has requirements that overlap with other majors, especially Dietetics, Economics (A&S), Psychology, Public Administration, Strategic Communications, Mass Communications, SLAM, Social Work, Pre-business, Environmental Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, General Engineering, Paper Science and Engineering, and others. 

Supply Chain Management

A recent study cited supply chain management (SCM) as one of the three most important management practices for determining world class performance. This minor, open to all university students, provides an understanding of SCM as a key business strategy, and it develops tools for integrating key functions of procurement, production, marketing, logistics, accounting, and IS, leading to the successful operation of the entire SCM process. You will be exposed to career opportunities in this field.

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