Bachelor Loop

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During the twenty years that Dr. Joseph M. Bachelor served on the Miami faculty, he accumulated land adjacent to the University. He lived on the land, farmed it, and in 1947, gave 416 acres to create the Bachelor Wildlife and Game Reserve, the backbone of the natural areas. The Bachelor Wildlife and Game Reserve is managed to establish and preserve habitat diversity for native plants and wildlife. A variety of animals live in the Reserve including beaver that frequent Bachelor pond.

This land encompasses a number of interesting features and attractions. Some of these include the scenic Harkers Run Creek spanned by a 45' swinging bridge, wood ducks nesting at Bachelor Pond, pinewoods and old growth woodlands of beech, maple and oaks.

There are 3 trails that connect and span over six miles.

North Loop

Skill Level—Easy

Distance—0.7 mi

Pine Loop

Skill Level—Moderate

Distance—1.1 mi

Elevation Gain—149 ft

East Loop

Skill Level—Easy

Distance—1.4 mi

Elevation Gain—274 ft

The Bachelor trails connect to Reinhart Loop, Kramer Loop, and Marcum Trail.