Enrollment Forms

To complete the appropriate form, please choose from among the programs and entry terms listed below.

G.I. Bill—Post-9/11(CH 33) Fall/Spring Winter Summer
Dependents Educational Assistance (CH 35) Fall/Spring
G.I. Bill—Active Duty (CH 30)
G.I. Bill—Select Reserve/National Guard (CH 1606)
Reserve Educational Assistance (CH 1607)
Fall/Spring Winter Summer
Vocational Rehabilitation (CH 31) Fall/Spring Winter Summer

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP)

This program began July 1, 2012. Because Miami University (including Miami Regional campus locations) is a four-year institution we are not an eligible VRAP school. To qualify for VRAP you must enroll at a community college or technical school. Please visit http://benefits.va.gov/vow/education.htm for further eligibility and application information.